Monday, August 10, 2009


Day 8: Disaster Strikes...

Calories: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2100
Exercise: Lifting the margarita glass to my lips. I did at least 10-15 reps, aren't you proud?! (10-15 sips, not 10-15 drinks...I'm pretty sure I'd be dead).
Meds: Check. BS checks, check.
Mood: Annoyed with myself.

Saturday was Tonja's bridal shower. I had a light breakfast, ran a zillion errands, then decided to have a somewhat substantial lunch thinking that it would help me not be so hungry at dinner and therefore use less calories.


I had almost my entire day's worth of calories at dinner. Plus breakfast and lunch, plus one and a half cupcakes (the half one wasn't iced, at least), plus one and a half margaritas, plus there may have been a little chip/salsa combo going on.

Yeah, it was bad. I kept telling The BFF, "Yeah, this is totally not a $2 day." I almost feel like I should take back $2 for how bad it was, but that's not in the challenge. Not getting the tattoo is punishment enough.

8 down, 71 to go. At least I made it a week without screwing up...

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