Saturday, August 1, 2009


Day 1: It's always easiest at the beginning...

Calories: 1350
Exercise: Lady Distance Classic 5k
Meds: Check. Including two blood sugar checks @ 90/140. Not too shabby.
Mood: Wiped out but optimistic.

Did the 5k today, took a 4 hour nap, went grocery shopping and bought supplies for week 1 of my challenge. Now I'm going to go watch some tv and work really hard at resisting the urge to snack.

Tomorrow will be dinner at my Dad's house, which will be a challenge in and of itself. I plan on doing a t5k before we leave.

Monday, I'm off work! I took a random vacation day because I haven't been off in forever. The best part about it is that I keep randomly remembering that I don't have to go to work on Monday, and it instantly uplifts my mood. The interesting part will be being at home with The Hubs all day. I just plan on vegging and staying out of his way.

By the way, I guess I should tell you all that I'm counting my starting weight as last week's weigh-in weight: 249.2. So for me to reach my goal, in 11 weeks I need to weigh in at at least 219.2.

Day 1 down, 78 more to go. Easy peasy, drill sergeant.


Lyndsey said...

Sounds like you earned yourself $2. Good work :)

Anonymous said...

I bow to thee. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat only 1350 calories. Unless I'm chained to the radiator and can't get to the kitchen.

MackAttack said...

Enjoy every victory! Good job!