Thursday, August 6, 2009


Day 6: The challenge heats up.

Calories: 1489
Exercise: I walked from my car to the booth at Olive Garden. Does that count? No? I had to park in the back 40 - count now? Still no? guys are tough.
Meds: Check. Forgot my post-food BS check tonight...oops!
Mood: Pleasantly surprised.

You do what you gotta do. That includes eating a really light breakfast and lunch in order to be able to order something at your favorite restaurant. It includes printing off a copy of the nutritional info for said restaurant and whipping it out at the table. It includes asking your Mother in Law if she wouldn't mind ordering the salad with dressing on the side. It includes paying VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to everything that you put in your mouth. It includes ordering water even though you would like nothing more than about seventeen diet cokes with lemon. It includes having the willpower to say "No, thanks, I don't need or want any more of your delicious, warm, garlic buttery breadsticks." (And that, my friends, is what I call willpower).

6 down, 73 to go... and today I conquered the Garden of evil!


Anonymous said...

wow, that's awesome. How did mummy by law handle the new and improved health conscious daughter in law?

Good girl, Anna. Way to stay strong.

Lyndsey said...

You rock. :) Good luck staying strong this weekend!