Thursday, August 27, 2009

"When you dream, what do you dream about?"

("When You Dream" by Barenaked Ladies).

So, this morning, right before I woke up, I dreamt that I was a “Real Housewife” from one of the shows on Bravo. Not a specific housewife from a specific city, but I was one of them. We were at a banquet type fund raiser thing, and I was sitting at a round table with all the other rich housewives, and they were all saying what charity they were supporting or whatever, and we were just sitting there drinking champagne.

Then, Ricky Martin comes out on stage and everyone goes wild and he starts singing to us. I guess he was part of the entertainment for the fund raising. So Ricky is singing and we’re all sitting there enjoying it, and he comes down and pulls me out of my chair and serenades me. (I'm not exactly a Ricky Martin fan in real life, but I was enjoying myself in my dream. Weird).

Then after he’s done, Michael Buble comes and sits at our table with us, and in the course of the conversation, I say a line from one of his songs, and he starts humming the tune. I ask him if he’s just going to sit there and hum the whole song, and he says no, and starts belting it out at the top of his lungs. So then everyone at the event is just basically screaming this song at the top of our lungs and having a grand old time.

Then Frank Sinatra and his wife come out and mingle with everyone, and we’re just all talking and socializing and having a good time, and Frank and his wife walk past me, so my back is to them. I turn around, and they’ve suddenly turned into Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Still just laughing it up and having a great time at the party. And I’m trying to take pictures of them with my camera, but they’re all turning out blurry for some reason, but I don’t care because I’m having such a good time with Ricky Martin, Michael Buble, and The Reagans.

And then I woke up.


Anonymous said...

I'll need to know exactly what you ate before bed last night. I'm going to need those fun kinds of dreams this semester. :-)

Heart you!

Mrs B. said...

LOL...I had some Long John Silver's chicken about 2 hours previously. Could that be it?!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You could option that dream as a new TV series...

Lyndsey said...

haha i like your dreams better than mine! I had two super stressful dreams last night (no idea what I'm stressed out about seriously).

1) I was at my parent's house with them and B, and we were watching the news and an asteroid was headed right for OHIO a la Armageddan (sp?). I was freaking out and everyone else was amazingly calm considering that the news predicted that all of North America would be destroyed by the impact. I woke up panicked, and woke B up and told him about my dream. He says nothing, but starts singing "I would stay awake... just to heaaar you breeeeeathing......" then rolled over and fell back asleep.

2) my parents were in a car accident and were both in surgery.

why do i have dreams about ppl dying? no clue.