Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Day 4: Keep on truckin'.

Calories: 1479
Exercise: t5k. Thought I was gonna die, but made it through.
Meds: Check. Almost forgot, and had to get back up out of bed to take them. BS Checks, check. Highest ever (221) after workout and shower. Must ask doc what that's about.
Mood: Uplifted

So far staying in the calories hasn't been too much of a challenge. That will change tomorrow night when I have dinner with my MIL at The Olive Garden. What to do, what to do?

Hopefully I'm on track for 2.8 pounds by Monday - I think I am. I'm super sore after my t5k yesterday, so tonight I think I'm just going to try not to push it. Maybe not run much, mostly fast walk. We'll see how it goes!

4 down, 75 to go. I'm ready!


Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious!!! Keep it coming! You're doing fabulous, babe.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Show up at The Olive Pit wearing one of those swine flu masks and say you're feeling just a bit feverishing and you've been oinking all day.

That'll probably get you out of a high-calorie meal unscathed...

Lyndsey said...

Oh man Olive Garden is HARD. Especially when the MIL is there to induce stress-eating. Is the hubs going to be there as well at least I hope?

I think your best bet calorie-wise is to decide before-hand how many bread sticks you can eat, and either fill up on soup/salad, or try to get some kind of grilled chicken. Also, if you get an entree as for a box when the food comes, cut it in half, and take the other half home for lunch. Automatic 50% calorie cut. :) Good LUCK.