Friday, March 26, 2010

Not as bad as it looks...

Fair warning: (1) I'm under the influence of Percoset, so this might not make sense, and (2) this is a boring post about my wisdom teeth removal. If you don't care, feel free to bypass this lovely post. But come back later, I might have something more interesting to talk about!

So, this was me after 2 hours at the doctor's office. It looks bad, but this whole wisdom teeth thing has been NOTHING near as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The Hubs and I got to the office about 10 minutes before my appointment time. It was nice that we didn't have to fill out any paperwork today since I had filled everything out on the day of my consultation. So we just waited. And the more I waited, the more nervous I got. Luckily, I only had to wait about 10 minutes before they called me back.

Let me say this: the people in that office were the NICEST people I have ever delt with at a doctor's office. And not just pretending to be nice or humoring the patient. They were genuinely kind and nice and it made my whole experience that much better.

Anyway, they took me back into one of the rooms (which were very colorful, btw, one wall was green, another light blue, etc. It was very calming for some reason) and the ladies wasted absolutely no time hooking me up to stuff. Blood pressure cuff, heart monitors on 3 spots, IV, and pulse ox monitor on my finger.

And then I waited.

The ladies made a big effort to talk to me and keep me occupied while the doctor was finishing up with his other patient (apparently a 7 year old little boy who was a trooper), and we talked about Nancy Grace (ugh), the fact that it was supposed to snow that night (ugh), and those little seed pod things that fall from the trees here in early summer. I don't know what the technical name is, but we call them helicopters. (editors note: The Hubs says they're maple seeds, so thereyougo.) Strange topics of conversation, but it kept me from thinking about the fact that I was making several things beep and I had an IV in my arm, and that they were about to put me to sleep and tear up my mouth.

I had finally had enough of the chit chat and was starting to get a little stir crazy when the doc showed up. I couldn't help myself and said "finally!" when he walked through the door and everyone laughed. He came over and started chatting with me about how I was feeling, all the while, covertly pushing lovely little meds into my IV. The last thing I remember, one of the nurses put the little piggy-snout oxygen thing over my nose, and I remember briefly thinking that the seal wasn't very good on the bottom part of my nose, so what if I wasn't getting the right amount of oxygen. And then I was out.

The next thing I remember, I was in the post-op room with a couple other people. I asked the post-op nurse how I got in that room, and she laughed and told me I rode in a wheelchair, which I have absolutely no recollection of. I remember laying in that chair and continuing to look at the clock, thinking, I can't believe it's already 10 am...I've been here for a long time! (It was really only about an hour since the surgery had started, but it felt WAY longer than that). They put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me out to the car, where The Hubs was waiting to drive me home.

Since I've been home, the teeth (or lack thereof, I guess, lol) have been WAY less painful than I expected it to be. I think the "head bra", as my doctor called it, holding ice against my jaws has really helped with the pain and swelling. And Percosets certainly don't hurt, either. My left side, with the two partially impacted/partially broken through teeth barely hurts at all right now, but the right side, with only the one wisdom tooth that was completely impacted in my lower jaw is pretty sore. Sore, but not unbearable. I keep the "head bra" on as much as I can, and I take the meds as I'm supposed to, and I'm doing just fine.

All in all, this experience has been as great as a surgery could be. The doctors and nurses were beyond awesome, the pain has been very bearable, and The Hubs has been an awesome caretaker (as always). If you've been needing to have it done and haven't (Kate and Sarah, lol) find a good doctor, or come to Cincinnati and use mine, and you'll be fine!

Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes and the pity party! I appreciate it! And I'm glad to say I'm doing really well after something I thought was going to be miserable.

I'm sure the pity party helped. :-)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bye bye, smartie pants.

Tomorrow. Ugh.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this previously, but tomorrow I get to experience one of the joys of adulthood. One of those things that a high percentage of 20-30 year old people get to go through. One of those 'necessary evils' of life.

Tomorrow I lose my wisdom (teeth).


Oh, and have I said "ugh" yet? No? Okay then, UGH.

I had my top right wisdom tooth removed many years ago, and I guess that guy wasn't an "above and beyond" kinda guy, so he just let my other 3 hang out. And now, the two on my left have partially broken through the skin, thus leaving a LOT of room for a fast and nasty infection (which I haven't gotten yet, thank you jeebus) and the remaining one on my right is COMPLETELY impacted into my lower jaw bone.

Isn't that special?

So, tomorrow, at 8:40 am, my loving husband is going to take me in. I know that this is not a life threatening surgery, and I know that it's not "major", but that really doesn't make it suck any less. It's not going to be fun. I don't want to do it, but I want it to be over with, so I'm glad that I only had to wait two weeks from my initial consultation to surgery day. I'll be off work Thursday and Friday, and then go back on Monday, wherein I have to do some new-hire training.

Let's hope I'm not completely miserable.

Pity party for one, please?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brianne Marie

Brianne Marie arrived last night! Six weeks early, but doing good! 5lb. 1oz. and 18" long.

Congratulations, Tonja and Jason! She's absolutely beautiful.

I want one

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Random things:

1. I have to have my 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed next Thursday. One of them is completely impacted into my jaw bone and the other two have partially broken through the skin. Fun times, kids. Fun times.

2. I hate Actos. This medicine, besides costing me a small fortune, has made my hands swell to the point that I can't wear my wedding rings, and makes me constantly hungry. Like, starving. Excellent.

3. Tonja is in labor right now. She's been on bedrest now for about 5 weeks since she started going into pre-term labor 11 weeks prematurely. At 33 weeks, last Wednesday, her water broke and she was admitted to the hospital. They told her that they would induce her in a week if Miss Brianne didn't come on her own. And here we are. Poor Tonja has been sitting in the hospital for a week, leaking amniotic fluid (it regenerates, did you know that?!), and now she's having a baby! Yay for little Miss Bri. The BFF and I are VERY excited for her arrival.

4. Spring has sprung, which makes me happy!

5. I started a new blog. Not the other new blog, a different new blog. I changed my mind...I'm a woman, I'm allowed. So instead of the mushy "letters to my baby" blog, which wasn't going to work with my desire to post about the ins and outs of my pregnancy (I doubt my kid wants to hear about my ovulation and fallopian tubes, lol) I started The Progeny Project. It's a lovely little TMI-fest, so consider yourself fairly warned. Also, come be a follower if you'd like to know about my cycles. :)

6. I miss blogging. That is all.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diabetes Update

Had my 3 month A1c check-up on Monday. I was down a couple pounds, which the doctor was happy about. She basically said "It's winter. You didn't gain. That's a win". So I'll take it.

She said that since we have a very strict timeline as to when we want to get pregnant, she wanted to put me on another medication to help control my numbers. From what I understand, the Metformin that I'm on helps by increasing the insulin that my body produces. And apparently, that's not enough. So this new medication, Actos, works in addition to the Metformin, by helping my body become less insulin-resistant. "Combination Therapy" she called it. "Throw yet another pill into the mix" I heard. But if it's gonna get my numbers to where they need to be so that I can have a healthy baby, I'll do it.

You wanna hear the downside? I picked up my prescription - 30 teeeny tiiiny pills. $139.22.


This is 30 pills. So small that they all fit inside the lid of the bottle. Ridiculous, I tell you.

Diabetes is expensive.

All the more reason for me to try to get my numbers down naturally. I can't afford these pills throughout the duration of my pregnancy, and I can't afford an unhealthy baby. I have 3 months to get these numbers down to where they need to be. The more I can do that with diet and exercise, the better off we'll all be in the long (and short) run.

To start, I did over an hour with Mr. Treadmill last night. 500 calories burned. Good stuff. The hard part is never actually staying on the treadmill. The hard part is just stepping on to the damn thing. Forcing, bribing, or talking myself into that is wherein my struggle lies. That is what I have to get better at.

Now, which one of you is going to volunteer to show up at my doorstep to make me?