Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Random things:

1. I have to have my 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed next Thursday. One of them is completely impacted into my jaw bone and the other two have partially broken through the skin. Fun times, kids. Fun times.

2. I hate Actos. This medicine, besides costing me a small fortune, has made my hands swell to the point that I can't wear my wedding rings, and makes me constantly hungry. Like, starving. Excellent.

3. Tonja is in labor right now. She's been on bedrest now for about 5 weeks since she started going into pre-term labor 11 weeks prematurely. At 33 weeks, last Wednesday, her water broke and she was admitted to the hospital. They told her that they would induce her in a week if Miss Brianne didn't come on her own. And here we are. Poor Tonja has been sitting in the hospital for a week, leaking amniotic fluid (it regenerates, did you know that?!), and now she's having a baby! Yay for little Miss Bri. The BFF and I are VERY excited for her arrival.

4. Spring has sprung, which makes me happy!

5. I started a new blog. Not the other new blog, a different new blog. I changed my mind...I'm a woman, I'm allowed. So instead of the mushy "letters to my baby" blog, which wasn't going to work with my desire to post about the ins and outs of my pregnancy (I doubt my kid wants to hear about my ovulation and fallopian tubes, lol) I started The Progeny Project. It's a lovely little TMI-fest, so consider yourself fairly warned. Also, come be a follower if you'd like to know about my cycles. :)

6. I miss blogging. That is all.

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