Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mid-week Update

Okay, so it's Wednesday - half way through the work week! (Thank you Jeebus!)

So, Zumba - was totally HARD! I wasn't expecting that! Don't get me wrong, it was fun and all, but I definitely didn't forget I was working out the whole time. I think there were several things that made it so hard:

1. The Instructor - She was nice, but I think some of the moves were a wee bit advanced for beginners. When you advertise something as easy, and not needing any dance training, you shouldn't be surprised when you get people who can't dance. Not me, mind you. I can dance. (Sarcasm, here, folks - in case you missed it.) Actually, I've got a pretty good sense of rhythm, and I can groove here and there, but there were a couple of pretty advanced sequences that were hard to pick up quickly.

2. The Floor - We were in a carpeted upstairs office space, which made it pretty difficult to do the quick fancy footwork we were supposed to be doing. It would have been MUCH easier on a smooth surface, but unless we wanted to Zumba in a glass enclosed atrium for four stories of employees to see, we were stuck with the office space.

3. The Heat - As I mentioned, our Zumba location was less than ideal. The floors were carpeted, and it was HOT up there. I think the heat just zapped a lot of my energy away. It seemed like everyone was having a hard time dealing with it.

All in all, Zumba was fun, and I'm sure it was a good workout. I was surprised that I found it harder to do than an hour on the treadmill, though. Probably because it works out more body parts, and the combo of everything I mentioned above. We had a really good turnout - probably about 10 people - and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Since Monday was the first day of The Hubs being gone, I had a Happy Meal for dinner. It was quick and easy, and under 600 calories, which is nice. Yes, I know it wasn't healthy, and I didn't have any fruits or veggies, but I still kept my calories under control.

Yesterday, I took a "Mental Health" Day from work. I woke up to my alarm, right in the middle of a freaky dream where a plane was about to crash into the building I was in, but suddenly swerved, and crashed into a swimming pool. There were lots of floating dead bodies. Not the way I wanted to wake up. But I had a bunch of stuff I needed to accomplish, and I've got vacation/personal days, so I decided to use one. I ended up going back to sleep after emailing my boss, and I slept until 12:15. Apparently, I needed it.

I did a bunch of errands, and cleaned around the house all day. Oh, and there just might have been some Maury Povitch. Maybe.

I also did C25k Week 2/Day 1. Wow...I was not prepared for how much harder it was going to be. I think I got cocky. I was thinking, okay, it's an extra 30 seconds of running? That's nothing! AND you get an extra 30 seconds of walking after! Easy peasy! Apparently, my running limit is at about 1:10. Those extra 20 seconds were killer. I did it though.

And then after my 25 minutes of C25k were over, I kept up a fast-paced walk until I hit 5k. I've decided that when I get on that treadmill to do the c25k, I'm not getting off until I make it to 5k, no matter how long it takes, or whether I run or walk. Hopefully, I'll start seeing my time go down. It took me 59:40 to finish last night. I would really love to get to 45 minutes before the 5k in June. I think I'll get there - 9 weeks is a long time to get better at this whole thing!

The scale (yes, I know I shouldn't be weighing myself so much, but it's habit) says I've lost almost two pounds since my Friday weigh in, so I'm hoping I can keep up that momentum and show a good number in 2 days. I weighed myself (voluntarily, no less) on the scale in my boss' office today, and for the first time, it showed a loss - it was showing 253.6, even with all my clothes on! So rock on with that.

Two more days until 20/20 Weigh-in #2. I'm going to rock out my calorie counting (only getting to 900 yesterday was a BIG mistake! I was starving today!!!), and kick butt on the workouts. C25k W2/D2 will be my "Last Chance Workout" before the weigh-in, so I'm going to work extra hard tomorrow night. And, technically, I'm supposed to have tonight off from c25k, but I'm planning on hopping on the treadmill for at least 1/2 hour, and moving my bootie. It can't hurt, right?


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iateach82 said...

You are rocking it out, Anna! Keep it up! You're an inspiration for me!