Sunday, April 26, 2009

Picture Perfect...

We got the chance to go to a Reds game yesterday, which was doubly fortuitious because of (1) the amazing weather, and (2) the fleece blanket giveaway. Not that you need a fleece blanket on an 85-90 degree day with nary a cloud in the sky, but it's one of the better giveaways they do.

(ooh, "fortuitous" and "nary" in the same paragraph...I must be feeling fancy today.)

Anyhoo, here's The BFF/BF enjoying the sunshine:

Here's MFN, my favorite part about working where I do:

The muddy brown waters of the Ohio, one of our many colorful bridges, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky on the other side:

The Reds' tribute to the history of Cincinnati and the Ohio river, a Steamboat-shaped building and Steamer Stacks. If you look closely, you can see that the spires on top of the stacks are actually baseball bats. And those stacks also shoot fireworks when a Reds player hits a homerun, or we win a game.

A blurry picture (sorry) of the companies that my Step-Mom and Dad work for. You'll see these two paired up a lot in Cincinnati, because they're both awesome. :-)

The Mighty Redlegs lost this game at a whopping 10-2. I expected as much, since we were in the company of The BFF, who's been to one winning Reds game in her whole life. Despite this fact, she loves the game, and I love going to the games, so you could probably blame the Reds' constant suckiness on us, if you wish. Eh, whatever.

All in all, it was a great day for a ballgame. Despite the 40spf sunblock I slathered on, I still got a mean sunburn on my forehead, nose and chin, but it was worth it. Fun times!

Today? Not so fun. Grocery shopping, cleaning, and W4D3 of C25k. Although, the Reds are playing another game today. Maybe all that other stuff can wait...

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