Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amazed...and a little freaked out.

Six minutes and forty-eight seconds.

The length of my favorite song? Nope.

The time it takes to drive to work? I wish!

The longest I have ever continuously ran? Bingo!

I started off the night with c25k W3D2, and I was struggling. That burning pain started to come back during my first 3 minute run, and for a while there, I didn't know if I would make it through. I kept going, though and finished the 23 minutes I was supposed to. By now, y'all should know how I do: I keep going until I hit 5k, no matter how long it takes. My fastest time was 57:15.

Until tonight.

After my 23 minutes, I walked till I hit 30. Then I ran for 1.5 every five minutes. Then Jillian Michaels (damn her/bless her) took over my brain at the 50 minute mark, and in order to "Finish Strong!" I decided I would run as long as I could. Wouldn't you know it...I channeled my inner Forrest Gump and just ran, and ran, and ran.

And I had a runner's epiphany. Can you believe it? I was running too slowly. I now know what it means to "find your stride", because at 3.8 miles per hour my calves weren't burning, my ankles didn't hurt, my hips weren't aching, or anything. I fell into a great breathing pattern, and it just all seemed to work. A well-oiled machine is what I was, for almost seven glorious minutes. I finished my 5k in 56:48.

Now, I know, to a lot of people out there, running 7 minutes is like a walk in the park. But to me? It's a marathon. It's a triathlon. It's the freaking Iditarod, dude.

And I did it. It's been almost a half hour since I got off the treadmill, and I still haven't come down.

For once, I feel accomplished. For once, I feel proud.


Lyndsey said...

That's GREAT! So what do you usually run at v. what did you do the almost-7 at? And how did you find your pace? I jog really slowly because I feel like I get more out of breath if I go faster... any advice? I'm scared about week 4!! :)

Mrs B. said...

Hey Lyndsey! Before, I would do the 5 min warm up at 3.0, then jog at 3.5. Kicking it up to 3.8 felt like it was moving a totally different set of muscles - less flexing of the calves, and more moving of the quads. (Which makes sense, because the faster you go, the longer your stride should be, I guess).

I only upped the walking portion to 3.1, but I'm running at 3.8 now, and I found a breathing pattern that works for me there. I breath in for two steps, and out for two steps. Keeping control of the breathing really helps...just try concentrating on that. (Plus, it helps you forget about the fact that you're running!)

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!!!