Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Ready, ready, ready, ready...ready to run"

("Ready to Run" by The Dixie Chicks).

So there's not much going on, but I figured I should still check in and update for you...

Last weekend was pretty boring/normal. The Hubs finally got a new phone (a Voyager) so now he can actually hear it when it rings. And, he joined the rest of the Western world and got text messaging. It's been really nice, so far.

Saturday was a family Easter get-together. My cousins brought their brand new baby girl, Katie, for us to meet. I don't think she ever touched her car seat the whole time she was there. I was kind of surprised, instead of giving me intense baby fever, it kind of had the opposite effect of tiding me over for a while. Not that she was a bad baby, or anything. She was perfect. But I think I just needed a little baby time to get it out of my system for a bit. The Hubs and I know that we aren't in a position to go there any time soon - maybe in a couple of years - but it's really nice to practice for a minute. And then give her back.

Saturday evening was spent at Wally World buying camping supplies. It was exciting because we had nothing, so we got to pick out everything, but it was also excruciating because The Hubs is incapable of making decisions. After over two hours in the store, we actually succeeded in purchasing a tent, an air mattress, an air pump, a lantern, bug spray, itch relief, citronella candles, and a portable spice set for cooking.

We came home and had an incredibly romantic evening consisting of Taco Bell and "Locked Up Corcoran: Extended Stay" on msNBC. I have no idea why, but for some reason, I have become fascinated with prison documentaries. It's just so interesting to me, the lives they lead, and how they adjust to the environment. Go ahead. Call me 'weirdo'. I give you permission.

Sunday was The Hubs' "catch up" day. He was still frantically working on his mom's computer, he had homework to do, and he had a math test to study for. I left him alone for most of the day and spent my time cleaning, doing some laundry, and watching "Rock Star Wives: The E! True Hollywood Story". (Hey, it may be trashy, but at least it wasn't (totally) about prison. LOL)

I made him stop around 2 pm, and we set off on the adventure that is 'tent set-up'. We wanted to set it up to see how big it actually was - it's hard to visualize in the store, even after The Hubs uses my shoes to mark it out on the linoleum - and to see if we liked it. To my surprise, we set it up fairly quickly and with minimal bickering! I was quite impressed, with us and the tent.

(This is missing the rain fly, and you can't see the awning that comes out over the little "patio" area. But you get the picture).

After that, I made dinner and dove head-first into the first book of the Twilight series. It took me about 10 chapters to get into it, but I finally did. I finished it a couple of days ago, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Maybe it's just because I had heard sooooo much about how amazing it was. I don't know. It was good. I'll give it that. But (and this is hard to explain) I didn't feel like it ended, I just felt like it stopped. Like there were supposed to be more chapters, but she just didn't write them.

Maybe I'm picky. Maybe I had too-high expectations. Who knows. I'm planning on reading the second book (which one is it? New Moon?) but I'm not in any hurry at this point.

In DietLand:
All's quiet on the diet front. I made myself a goal that I would get to the -10 mark by this weigh in. I'm not sure if that's going to happen since I had a ridiculously crappy day yesterday, but I'm still going to try.

My other goal was to do c25k Week 3 four times this week since I only did it twice last week and I'm repeating it. I've done it once, and I'll do it tonight. I'll fit it in somewhere in the next couple of days. Somewhere.

The proverbial "they" finally cashed my registration check for the 5k on June 7th. It's officially official now. I've got to get "ready, ready, ready, ready..."

"Ready to run".

(p.s. I tried the new blogging from my email thing, and now my OCD is in overdrive because I can't get the font to the right size! It's going to drive me batty! No more email blogging for me...)

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