Thursday, April 23, 2009

The real test...

Tonight is c25k Week 4 Day 2.

It always seems as though the first day of a new c25k week is the easiest. I'm thinking that's because I've had at least two days of rest since the last workout - I usually start my c25k weeks on Tuesday, and do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

The Thursday and Saturday workouts always seem infinitely harder than the Tuesday one, but by then, I've also completed one and know that I can do it, so there is a little bit more motivation there. I don't's a trade-off. I really wish The Biggest Loser would switch to Thursday nights - that would help me so much!

We'll see how it goes tonight - Week 4, Day 2, Last Chance Workout before my Friday weigh-in. I totally need to kick butt to get away from 250, and to get on track to lose the next 10 by May 23rd.

Tomorrow, we shall see just how much further I have to go.

That is, if my treadmill doesn't just up and swallow me tonight in a Week 4 fury.


Kelly said...

Hello! I just want to "delurk" and say YO GO GIRL! I recentely moved to Cincinnati and found your blog off Ash's. Seriously, keep up the great work and I enjoy reading about your progress every day. It definitely helps to keep me on track and motivated too. YOU ROCK!

Mrs B. said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for the comment...believe it or not, it helps motivate ME when I know people are reading about my journey! How do you like Cincinnati so far?

Kelly said...

Cincinnati is growing on me, little by little. I like the city, but definitely miss being close to family and friends. We are from Minnesota so definitely a little home sick from time to time. However, can't beat the LOVELY weather Cincinnati is having lately :)