Monday, May 11, 2009

WTFS* Moments...

*"What the eff, seriously?!"

I feel the need to share these two fast-food related WTFS moments because (1) the second one just happened today, (2) my first job was at McDonalds. I was 14 and I like to think I had more common sense than the characters I seem to keep encountering, and (3) the common 'combo' theme cracks me up. I didn't know it was really that challenging.

WTFS Moment #1: Arby's. I picked up lunch for MFN and myself a few weeks ago.

Mrs. B.: Do you have a Ham Melt value meal, or do I have to buy all the items separately?
Arby's Girl: No, we don't have a value meal.
B: Okay, then I'd like a Ham Melt, small potato cakes, and a small Diet Coke.
AG: *lightbulb* Oh, well we have a Ham Melt combo...
B: (after a WTFS moment/look)...Okay...I'll take that.

WTFS Moment #2: Wendy's. Thankfully this WTFS Moment did not actually happen to me. I was merely a witness.

Customer: I'd like a Number 1...
Wendy's Guy: The meal? Or the sandwich?
C: The Number 1...
WG: The meal?
C: Yes.

Do you have a WTFS Moment you'd like to share? I'm sure they've happened to you - idiocy can't possibly contained to the fast food restaurants in the Cincinnati area...

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Lyndsey said...

Omg so many I can't even think straight. The first one to come to mind was actually a stupid customer at a Subway by my house when I lived in the Ghett-o. This woman in front of me wanted a $5 footlong turkey sub. And the man explained to her that not all of the footlongs were $5, only the 8 on the little sign at the front.

So she says okay she wants the cold cut combo-- with turkey. And he says to her... umm ma'am that sub doesn't have turkey on it it has (whatever lunch meats it has). At which point she gets on her angry-voice and pointin' finger and starts going on about how he shouldn't be picking her cold cuts and she wants to pick her OWN damn cold cuts and turkey is a cold cut and she wants her $5 turkey footlong sub!

Good. Lord. Hilarious and scary at the same time. I thought if I giggled too loudly she might turn around and shank me with a bedazzled fingernail.