Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Sacrifice

As I've mentioned before, MFN's hubby is in the Army. Next week, he deploys for a year in Iraq...lucky him. I can't even imagine what MFN is going through. I'm so selfish that I have always just simply said I would not date anyone in the military, or emergency services of any kind. I just couldn't do it. Luckily for me, The Hubs has metal plates and screws in his leg as a result of being an idiotic teenager, so there's not really a chance he would get drafted, or even accepted as a volunteer.

Anyway, remember The Navy Wife? She called me on Friday night to check on my 5k progress, and we got to talking about how MFN's hubby is leaving, etc. The Navy Wife has been through two deployments (I think...I can't remember, but it's at least two), so she had some really good advice and insight.

One of the things she suggested I do, was to do a 'countdown' for MFN using candy. It was such a good idea, that I started working on it right away.

Here's the finished product:

You know an ex-English Major can't resist the chance for a good pun...
365 Skittles (I counted twice!), one for every day of his year-long deployment:
MFN gets to eat a Skittle every day, and 3 on Mondays (for the weekend, of course). Hopefully, they'll be gone before she knows it! (Also, hopefully, the cleaning crew at the office doesn't steal any during the night!)

I know that this isn't life-changing, and it's not like I'm bringing Jason home quicker for her, or anything, but I hope it makes the next year just a tiny bit easier for MFN to deal with. At the very least, a sugar buzz can't hurt, right?


Lyndsey said...

That is very very sweet of you! I have lived through a deployment and it was one of the hardest things I ever did.

So hard, in fact, that I broke up with the guy when he reenlisted. I don't think you're selfish for not dating military guys--people in the military aren't just making a sacrifice for themselves. They ask their wives, their children, their families to make the same sacrifices. Some people are cut out for that life-- some people are not.

I know you're super busy but just be around as much as possible for her when he goes. It's a strange kind of loneliness to know the person you love is somewhere and you can't reach them or call them or see them for months. Distraction is about the best thing there is :)

NHoyt said...

I love the skittles idea, and I love you...Thank you for being a friend...yes I started singing the Golden Girls theme song there.