Monday, May 11, 2009

Anything but the diet...

Lots of little stuff going on that I want to share, and I need to take a break from talking about that ever frustrating topic of diet and exercise. Therefore, my challenge today is to talk about anything but the diet.

  1. Work sucks. I need to win the lottery with the quickness. Also, randomly, I absolutely hate it when I have to choose a new password for my computer at work. We have to do it every couple of months, and today was the day. Inevitably, I sit there, staring at my computer screen for minutes, trying desperately to think of something that fits the two million requirements and is something I will remember/not hate having to type in every day. Run-on sentence over. You may breathe.
  2. The Hubs is about to have a serious breakdown. I think he has finally hit his limit with the whole full-time job/full-time student thing. It took about 5 weeks, which is probably about 3 weeks longer than it would have taken me. Now we are at an impass...he either has to get a new job that pays better so he can work less hours, figure out a way that we can afford for him to work less hours at the poorly-paying job he has, or suck it up. And I either have to find a way to spend less money or get a second job. Both of those options are equally hard/sucky for me.
  3. My mom is the awesomest. I hung out at her house yesterday and we spent the afternoon looking at old photos of her and our family. She gave me the two baby blankets that were made for me when I was born. She made one of them, and my Aunt Nadie made the other. She made sure to emphasize the fact that it was really special that Aunt Nadie made me a blanket because she didn't make blankets for any of the other babies. Did I mention that my mom is the awesomest?
  4. The BFF is one of the strongest women I know. You can't imagine the life she's had, and some of the things she's gone through, or how it always seems like god/the devil/allah/whoever has it out for her. As of right now, there's a whole lot of drama with trying to evict Tulula the Toomah from her uterus, but I think it will all get figured out. She hasn't given up hope yet, and at the very latest, Tulula will get her walking papers in January. And, I realize that the image of a larger-than-a-softball-sized tumor getting up and walking out of her uterus is something I'm sure you could all have done without.
  5. I can't wait to have Memorial Day off! And it just so happens that I will be camping with 5 of my favorite people the weekend after that, so I only have to work 3 days that week! I'm super excited about camping, and I can't wait to go. I think we all could really use some time away from life!
  6. I really need to spend a day (or a week!) organizing the music on my iPod. What a flippin' mess! There are so many songs that got imported as Unknown Artists even though I know full well who the artists are. And playlists? Don't even get me started. I really have to work on getting a great playlist together for that big event of mine that's coming up on June 7th, but that I'm not allowing myself to talk about in this post. Get it? Got it? Good. Moving on.
  7. The Hubs and I are totally sucking with working out a way to find time to hang out with friends and family during this crazy time in our life. Candice and Harby have tried to hang with us several times in the past couple of months (in fact, I think the last time we saw them may have been The Hubs' 30th at the beginning of February. Damn, we suck!) and we have either bailed on them, or flat out had to say no. And now Candice is trying to get something together for Harby's birthday, which is awesome, but... it's the weekend of that big event of mine that I'm not allowing myself to blog about. (Dude, this is harder than I thought!)
  8. I hate internet direction sites. When trying to get directions to my mom's new house this weekend, Google maps took me some strange way that said it was going to take over an hour and a half, so I used Mapquest, whose route looked much more sensible. While it took me only a little over an hour, I soon (after missing the very first turn I was supposed to take) realized that all of the distances were off. If it said I was supposed to go 5.8 miles down a certain road, it really ended up being closer to 5 miles. Sometimes even less. And then, I get to my mom's, and my 80-year-old Grandpa is incredulous that I don't own a GPS. "I used my Tom-Tom and it brought me right here", he says. Seriously?
  9. I can not win a contest on Pioneer Woman's blog to save my life. At least I'm in good company with the other 15,000 or so people who try every time. If you haven't checked her out, especially Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, what ever you do - don't do it at work. At least not with any big deadlines looming, because you will not be able to pull yourself away.
  10. That, ye lads and lasses, is all.


Joy said...

Here is my password trick...Pick a word that you like, add a symbol if its needed, and then add three numbers like 100. Then each time you have to change it change just the number to 101, then 102, then 103...I think you get the point. Most systems won't let you use three of the same like 111 so I just skip that #. This works at my job and we have to change our password every 90 days. I hate it too!

Sammy Sue said...

Aw, you are SO sweet to say that I'm one of the strongest women you know! I love you! And I can't wait to evict my tumor too! I have this mental image of her leaving carrying a little suitcase and wearing a hat with a flower on it as she leaves, looking all sad. lol.