Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures! (Part 1: The Early Years of Us)

Just thought I'd share some of my favorites. These are all pictures from either before or during the time The Hubs and I were dating. (July, '06 - October '08)

(A pretty day on the way to see The Hubs race.)

(A park in Dayton, Ohio.)

(The Hubs getting ready to race.)

(Us at the track.)
(Halloween '06: Racecar Driver and Checkered Flag.)

(Gatlinburg trip exactly two years before our honeymoon.)

(Florida trip, December '07)

(Downtown Disney)

(The BFF at the Jimmy Buffett concert.)

(Candice at the Cincinnati Zoo.)

(Me and Harby aka The Hubs' best man.)

More in a minute!

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