Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's time for Laura Belle's Ten Things Thursday:

1) Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments about my freak out yesterday. I'm feeling much better and reminding myself that it's okay to be scared, but more important to be brave and give myself the chance to succeed.

2) Today is my 4th wedding anniversary. It feels like it has been two days and two decades all at the same time. Time is flying, and I don't like it. But I do love that husband of mine.

3) Here are 10 wedding day pictures, because I'm feeling nostalgic.
Best. Day. Ever.
The Dress. 
Me and my MOH, The BFF.
The Hubs and his boys.
During the ceremony.
He's mine! 
Our first dance. (Michael Buble: "For Once In My Life")
Getting the garter. The Hubs is an ex-racecar driver. 
Cutting the cake. That cake was AWESOME a year later, too!
The rings.
4) My kiddo is heading to his grandparents' house today and I won't see him until Tuesday of next week. Sadness.

5) The reason he's at his grandparents' house is because The Hubs and I are going on a little getaway to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Happiness.

6) I have literally been waiting for months for the steak I am going to get at The Park Grill on Saturday night.

7) I start my pre-op diet next Wednesday. Eek.

8) Ten things are hard to think of. I was doing well until number eight here.

9) I started my second term at WGU at the beginning of October. I finished 13 credit hours last term and I'm signed up for 14 for this term. Math, Science, History, Classroom Management, Human Development and Learning. Fun times.

10) The BFF started her first term at WGU at the beginning of October. I am super excited for her to be on her way! If all goes as planned, she and I will graduate at the same time, even though we are in different degree programs.

And that is all! Happy Thursday, my friends!


adorkbl said...

LOVE the getting the garter picture. So fun and creative!! Have a fun trip. :) Congrats on your upcoming surgery.

jennxaz said...

new follower the pics! Good luck on your surgery.

Cheri said...

You have the most beautiful wedding photos, I'm so glad you shared. :) They show so much of the personality of your day.

Wow...Wednesday! I can understand freaking out, and I'm also glad the comments helped you feel more centered again. I'm bouncing around in my emotions about it too, I can only imagine how that intensifies closer to surgery.