Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prelude defines prelude as "a preliminary to an action, event, condition, or work of broader scope and higher importance." I think that's pretty fitting here. 

So this is it - Day One of my pre-op diet. Eek!

I had a tiny OH SHIT moment yesterday when I was heading out to lunch and realized that it was my last "old" lunch. I had Olive Garden, which is kind of symbolic of the life I used to lead that got me here. Then last night, we had Applebee's. Not as a "last meal", because it's not even an absolute favorite of mine, but I did enjoy a variety of nutritionally void foods.

Since I hadn't seen my adorable kiddo for a few days, I was jonesing for some fun time with him, so we worked on our Halloween pumpkins for a bit before bedtime. I bought three Mr. Potato Head pumpkin kits for us this year because I figured they were more age appropriate for Bubs than carving. Plus, WAY less mess. Score!

Can I just tell you how ridiculously fluttery my ovaries get when I see my husband do things like this:

Men with tools. Serious concentration. 
After we got Bubs to bed, I went to work on a plan of attack for my pre-op diet. I knew I had a hodge podge of protein shakes and mixes hanging out, so I went about organizing them.

Being unsure = Shopping spree
Then today, I made a spreadsheet to try and keep everything making sense.

Hi, my name's Anna, and I'm a spreadsheetaholic.
I packed a bag full of everything I would need today: 
  • Crystal Light Energy mix in Wild Strawberry
  • GNC Total Lean RTD shake in Vanilla Bean
  • EAS AdvantEdge RTD shake in Chocolate Fudge
  • Sugar Free Jell-o in Strawberry
  • Kroger Brand "Vitamin Water" in Tropical Splash
I wish I would have thought ahead and sliced some mini cucumbers to bring as a snack. I didn't think about how much I would want to actually chew something. Womp womp. But, as Scarlet O'Hara says, tomorrow is another day, and I will think to pack cucumbers then. 

Well, Scarlet didn't say that last part, but if I remember correctly, she did have a thing for radishes. Wait, was it radishes or turnips? I don't know, and I'm too lazy to ask Mr. Google, so argue amongst yourselves on that one, and somebody let me know what the consensus is.  


I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about today. But I'm doing okay so far. I have spreadsheeted all I can spreadsheet, including a form to keep track of my intake, which was really nothing more than a gratuitous attempt to feed my Sharpie addiction:

Any excuse to feed my spreadsheet/Sharpie addiction...
But I think it will actually be handy to have. And so far, my coworkers are playing along nicely by not cooking anything yummy smelling in the microwave. Although, in about half an hour, I will be accompanying a colleague to lunch. She is literally the only work-related person who knows about my surgery. (She does contract work for my company and we work closely together. She isn't an actual employee of my company, and doesn't actually work in my office every day.)  Luckily, she is bringing her lunch, so it's not like we'll she'll be eating at a yummy restaurant and completely torturing me. 

I have a feeling this whole process is going to be mind over matter. I don't really FEEL hungry, but it's just what you do around lunchtime, you know? Plus, I usually need that hour away from my desk in order to refresh for the afternoon and not totally want to kill myself by 2 pm. Do I drink my second protein shake while I'm with her just so I have something to do with my hands? That's probably not the smart answer. Maybe I'll take a flavored water with me. 

So here's where we stand on THE LIST:
  1. Blood work
  2. Fitness Consultation
  3. Nutrition Consultation
  4. Sign Pre-op Paperwork
  5. EKG
  6. Start pre-op diet (10/24)
  7. Pay in full (10/24)
  8. Pre-op physical (10/26)
  9. Stop taking all medications (11/1)
  10. Start Hibiclens (11/4)
  11. Pick up post-op meds (11/5)
  12. SURGERY DAY (11/7)
  13. Post-op Follow-Up (11/14)
  14. First Fill (12/7)
Oh yeah...number seven. Ho-ly Jeebus. After The Hubs gets off work this afternoon, he's driving over to the surgeon's office and handing over $9, 550. We are financing $8,000 through Care Credit, and handing over $1,550 in cold, hard cashola. (Well, "debit cardola" doesn't quite roll of the tongue.)

After that, it's officially official and there's no turning back. Not that I want to, of course, but I'm still slightly wigged out about the big dealiness of all this. It's just how I roll with change and new things. Maybe getting it paid for will help me kind of just give in to it all. Accept my fate. LOL

Oh, and some stats: At my first visit to the surgeon's office (9/27) I weighed 270.0. This morning, I weighed in at 263.8. 

And, randomly and sadly, I got an email that my surgery time has been changed from 10 am to 1 pm. BLARGH. No food or water from midnight on. Tons of fun, but oh well. 

So this is where we stand. I've had a protein shake and a sugar free jell-o so far. I've got 615 calories to go for the day, and 13.5 days to go, so let's get to it. 

Hey, there are worse songs to get stuck in your head...


jennxaz said...

how exciting!!!! So close!

adorkbl said...

Wow. Lots of planning for your pre-op!! lol. Getting close.

Cheri said...

You are funny. :-) In a good way. :-) I think it was radishes too, but I am not going to google either, because in the spirit of Scarlett and Rhett they would not give a damn what veggie you use in their honor. ;-)

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Anna said...

Cheri - so true, so true. :-)