Monday, October 15, 2012

Making Progress, Drowning in Paperwork, and Pre-op Diet Shopping

  1. Blood work
  2. Fitness Consultation
  3. Nutrition Consultation
  4. Sign Pre-op Paperwork
  5. EKG
  6. Pay in full (10/24)
  7. Start pre-op diet (10/24)
  8. Pre-op physical (10/26)
  9. Stop taking all medications (11/1)
  10. Start Hibiclens (11/4)
  11. Pick up post-op meds (11/5)
  12. SURGERY DAY (11/7)
  13. Post-op Follow-Up (11/14)
  14. First Fill (12/7)
This morning I had my fitness consultation and also went to the surgeon's office to sign all my pre-op paperwork. 

My fitness consultation was supposed to be at 8 am, but signals got crossed and the trainer didn't show up until about 8:45. She then rushed me through what was supposed to be an hour-long consult and I walked out at 9:10. Basically, she tested my strength ("Try to push my hand up with your leg", "Try to push my arm away with your arm", etc.), showed me some exercises to do around the house, gave me a resistance band and showed me some exercises to do with that, and then told me I was good to go. Man, I feel like I really got my money's worth on that one! Blargh. 

Then I drove over to the surgeon's office (they're all in the same hospital complex) and signed my life away on a bunch of forms. 

Lap Band Paperwork. So far. 
In this folder, I have:
  • A map of the hospital complex showing where I have to be, and for what
  • My orders for my blood work and EKG
  • My final financial agreement, which shows how much I'm financing, how much is left, and how the remainder amount needs to be broken down (i.e., one check for anesthesia, one for hospital, etc.)
  • A copy of my signed Consent for Photo Use (I did not consent, LOL)
  • "                            " Informed Consent for Surgical Procedure/Sedation
  • "                            " Authorization for Lap Band Surgery/Acceptance of Risk 
  • "                            " Consent for Blood Transfusion if Necessary
  • Notice of Patient Privacy Practices
  • Supplemental Informed Consent for Lap Band Procedure
  • Two documents regarding my pre-op diet requirements
  • A document describing the Hibiclens product I have to bathe with for three days prior to surgery
  • A document describing Surgery Day procedures
  • A copy of the Discharge Instructions
  • A document showing the dates for my post-op eating phases (i.e. Start Phase 1 day of surgery, Start Phase 2 November 15th, Start Phase 3 November 22nd, Start Phase 4 November 29th)
  • A document describing my post-op diet requirements by phase
  • A document re: "Points for Success", (i.e. Bandster Rules)
  • A document re: Long-Term Follow-Up Care Policy, (i.e. 10-day post op visit, and come in for adjustments regularly)
  • A huge packet on nutrition and fitness
  • Several documents showing exercises/stretches and giving exercise guidelines
  • My official Lap Band Surgical Information Kit (the yellow thing)

I did get an official surgery time of 10:00 am, and I have to be there at 8:30 am to prep. I am super happy I have a somewhat early surgery time so I'm not sitting around all day waiting (and not being able to eat or drink anything!)

Also, I went grocery shopping for my protein shakes and pre-op diet supplies. I found out that soups are super hard to find that fit the requirements! And since I'm still lost on protein shakes, I just picked up several kinds and will try them out to see what works. A friend of mine sent me chocolate and vanilla samples of Arbonne protein powder, and I bought EAS AdvantEdge pre-made shakes in chocolate and vanilla, a pack of Slim Fast High Protein shakes in chocolate, and a tub of Slim Fast High Protein powder in chocolate. I also bought a mixing bottle. I guess it's going to be a time of trial and error there. 

I also bought sugar free Jell-o, but forgot to get sugar free popsicles. I found the specific brand of sugar free/fat free salad dressing they require and bought one in Raspberry Vinaigrette and one Ranch. I'll wait until next week to buy the veggies, since they go bad so quickly. 

There is just so much to wrap my head around, I'm really struggling to keep everything straight and to make sure I'm getting everything done that I need to without forgetting anything. Oh, and remembering that my wedding anniversary is this Thursday and the Hubs and I are leaving on Saturday for a quick getaway that I'm nowhere near prepared for too. 

Stuff. Everywhere I turn.

But I will get through it all, and it will all be worth it and turn out fine. Right? Right.  

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