Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Struggling with Skepticism

I really don't know if this is all a coincidence because I'm getting so close to surgery, or if it is something that I should really, truly be concerned about, so your advice is much appreciated, dear, smart, Bloglandians.

It seems like all is not bunnies and unicorns and roses in band world, and it's starting to make me worry that the band isn't as smart a choice as I once thought it was. I know that there are many good stories and that people tend to believe the bad easier than the good, but it just seems to be creeping into my consciousness lately. 

First, I was talking with my step-mom, who is INCREDIBLY supportive of my surgery, and she casually mentioned that one of her friends had the band, lost a lot of weight, and then gained it all back. 

Then, I was chatting with another good friend, who is also supportive, who mentioned that she knew a guy who had the surgery, lost a lot of weight and then gained it all back. 

And then, remember how I mentioned that almost everyone in my surgeon's office has had the band? I have since found out that one of the nurses has had a revision, one of the office workers had a dilated pouch and has gained all her weight back, and the billing/scheduling lady that I have been working with has gained A TON of weight (compared to the associate pictures that were taken early last year).  

And, apparently I wasn't paying attention, because I was catching up on Dawnya's blog and saw that she's completely unfilled after band issues. 

I am trying so hard to remember that everyone has a different experience and that sometimes band failure is due to "operator error" (totally not saying that's the case for you, Dawnya!). And I'm also trying to remember that there are people out there like Lap Band Gal and Catherine who have been, and continue to be, incredibly successful. 

I just don't want to spend $10,000 and have surgery if the odds aren't in my favor that I will be continually successful in the long run. 

Am I just being a fear monger? Am I worrying over nothing? Should I focus on the fact that my band experience will be my own, and could be completely different from the experiences of those who have had trouble? Or is there something that people aren't really saying when it comes to the effectiveness of the band long-term? 

I don't know. I'm exactly 3 weeks from surgery today, and I'm a paranoid freak. 


Lyndsey said...

I wish I had information or a crystal ball for you! From my understanding most of your success with the band will be determined by you. It is a physical impediment to eating with abandon, but if you refuse to stick to the diet you can end up right back where you started. I do know one girl from law school who got it done and she gained some weight back, although not all.

Only you know you best, but I'm sure that you will make the right decision either way.

Tricia Nae said...

Hey girl...I think that the majority of it has to do with the closeness of your surgery. It's a big deal...and it is totally natural to start rethinking things or just over analyzing things.

I am a BIG believer that there is no MIRACLE for weight loss. It ultimately boils down to what you eat and how you burn calories. Of course...everyone needs different methods to accomplish this. Some people (hate them) can just set their mind to it and do it. Others need a program like WW or JC or whatever. Others need surgeries, or pills or therapy. No one way is better or worse...because it is all such a personal thing. I think you have really just got to do what is best for you and try try try no to compare to others. It's hard though.

There is a girl in my WW meeting that joined the same week as me and is down almost 65 lbs and I'm down 36 (well.. technically I've gained a bit of that)...and it is SO difficult to not constantly wonder why she is losing faster than me or whatever. This is my journey...and hers is hers. AND...sweet Anna yours is yours!! I am excited for you!!

speck said...

I've been banded four years. Am I happy today with my decision four years ago? Yes, I am.

Is it a guarantee for weight loss and keeping it off? I don't have a yes or no answer.

I can only tell you my experience.

I was told it's a tool. Well today, I completely understand what that means.

It doesn't keep me from bingeing on icecream(thank God it's been a long time)and eating other sugary foods. There were times when I wish I would have had gastric bypass because those patience can get very sick when them consume sugary foods.

But I reminded myself that gastric bypass patients can gain all their weight back as well. The most famous one, Carnie Wilson.

So, for me, whether it's lap band, the sleeve, or gastric bypass, it's not a miracle cure all.

And I agree with the other poster.

I think now that the time is near, we start second guessing ourselves.

I know I did.

I wish you the best of luck. You've made a decision to improve your life. Good for you.


Lap Band Gal said...

Ditto what tricia said :)

adorkbl said...

I am 4.5 years post op and have had a port replacement and a re-positioning surgery (hiatal hernia repair). I lost 100 and then re-gained 54. Partly due to band malfunction and partly because I gave up!

I got back onboard earlier this year and re-lost what I re-gained. I am now in new territory with 105 pounds lost. (and very excited!)

You have to work it. It is not a miracle fix. But it DOES make it easier when you are in the green zone. Since my re-positioning I have experienced no hunger. I never had that with my first placement. That makes it easier for sure.

I had horrible jitters before my surgery. Totally natural. If you have done your homework and understand the post-band diet... then you should be good. You need to adjust your eating and you need to exericse. I fear too many people go into it with unrealistic expectations (I did) which can make the journey more difficult.

Connie O said...

As I was being wheeled into the OR 11 days ago, I asked the nurse, "Does anyone ever change their mind right around here?" She said, very firmly, "NO. No one has ever done that." Me: "Oh. OK." So, you see, it's normal to have doubts right up to the last minute.