Monday, October 8, 2012

In Sickness and In Health

The Saturday before last, I was out with The Hubs and Bubbers and noticed my back was starting to get finicky. I have two herniated disks (disks or discs? Bueller?) that have a history of flaring up whenever they feel like they aren't getting enough attention, and this was the start of another episode. Freaking attention whores!

Anyway, they flared up, which means constant and severe pain in my lower back, down my hips, and down the back and sides of my thighs.  During these times, I can't stand up straight, can't walk straight, and the muscles in my abs, upper arms, and legs all start hurting from the compensating I'm doing to keep my balance. It's super fun!

And do you know what the "cure" for herniated disk pain is? Weight loss. That's all. So even though I'm scared of the band surgery and still ever-so-slightly wishy washy about it, one week of this, and I'm reminded even more of why I need to go through with it.

Oh, and then there's also:

  • Acid Reflux (caused by hiatal hernia)
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Knee problems
  • Gastrointestinal issues (caused by Gallbladder removal and Diabetes medications)
  • Fatigue
  • Occasional Migraines

And to counteract all that crap, there's:

  • Metformin (Diabetes)
  • Amaryl (Diabetes)
  • Bydureon Injection (Diabetes)
  • Rx Zantac (Hiatal Hernia related acid reflux)
  • Percocet (Only during back flare-ups)
  • Flexeril (Only during back flare-ups)
  • 800 mg Ibuprofen (Only during back flare-ups/migraines)
  • 1000 mg Tums (at least 4x day for acid reflux)
And a partridge in a pear tree. 

Seriously, that's ridiculous. You know, they asked me at my consult why I wanted to have the surgery. And there are SO many reasons. But, really, what it boils down to for me is not a number on a scale, or a size in a store. I just want to be able to fully live my life. Without worrying about my knees or back. Without sticking a needle in my belly every week. Without paying out a ridiculous portion of my hard-earned money to drug manufacturers and insurance companies. 

While it will be awesome to see the numbers on the scale and the sizes in the store go down, the thing I'm most looking forward to is seeing these two lists disappear. Forever. 


RockBand Barbie said...

At one time I had a list that doubled that. Granted, I am not off of all of them, but it has been cut in more than half. It was also not about a weight for me, but about feeling good. Almost a year after getting the band I feel better than I ever thought possible...and I know that it keeps getting better and better!

Cheri said...

I feel some "wishy washy" nervousness at times, too, waiting for approval to get the band...although I have a long list, too. Good for you for putting it out here to look at. I hope you can look back before long and clearly see how having the surgery has improved your health/life.