Thursday, June 30, 2011

That's what you get.

I'm a sweets person. Usually, every day after lunch, I'll have three pieces of this. It's not a great habit, but those three pieces usually suffice to satisfy my craving.

Unfortunately, I ate my last 3 pieces yesterday and forgot to bring more into work this morning. I felt like I had to have something, so I decided to go to the vending machine in the breakroom at work.

Apparently that was a big mistake.

As I reached into the vending machine to pull out my candy bar, the door swung (swinged? swang? that can't be right, lol) back really quickly and slammed into the top portion of my middle finger, pinning it against the wall of the machine.

Holy mother of all things that hurt! It was a damn snapping turtle disguised as a vending machine. I'm now convinced that we have Decepticons hanging out in our breakroom. They're everywhere, people. Watch out.

As I muffled my scream, I thought, "Dude! It was a 3 Muskateers! They totally have 45% less fat than other candy bars. What were you going to do if it was King Sized, take the whole hand?!"

You would think my workout last night would have counteracted my bad snacking karma, but apparently not.

Well played, God of Unhealthy Snacks. Well played.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's what I need: a vending machine that will hurt me if I try to purchase something unhealthy.

And the correct usage is "swanged"...

Mrs B. said...

Ha ha! Not only that, but I saw a clip art graphic today of a couch made out of a cactus. Combine the two, and we're sure to lose weight!

Oh, "swanged". Got it. It was between that and "swungeded", but you're probably right.