Monday, February 2, 2009

"Everything's gonna be okay, dada doodoo, just dance..."

("Just Dance", Lady Gaga)


I'm not okay with it, but I've accepted it. I knew the consequences of going off the diet and not exercising, so I'm not surprised. I'm moving on.

I am officially 3.2 pounds over my goal weight for January. My goal weight for 2/28 is 244, so that means I've got 11.2 pounds to go this month. That's a totally do-able 2.8 pounds per week. I've just got to start counting my calories again, and get my ass on that treadmill.

You know, it's funny: even though I didn't meet my goal in January, I am actually really happy and proud of what I did do. I'm not at 260 or 258 or 256 anymore. I made progress, I actually lost weight! And I just can't (and won't) beat myself up for not losing enough of it.

The good news is, I know that what I was doing actually works. And I know that it will work if I stick to it. Just call me Super Glue.

In other news, this past weekend was The Hubs' birthday weekend. He turned the big 3-0 yesterday! We celebrated by ourselves on Friday with dinner at Red Robin (one of his favs!) and then Saturday night, we celebrated with The Kids (a.k.a. all of our friends from his hometown/high school). I d.d.-ed so that Jack could get as ferschnickered as he wanted to. And he did. LOL. I was super excited because The BFF made one of her (soon-to-be) world famous cakes for Jack, and she and The Boyfriend drove over an hour to come party with us until the wee hours of the morning. I'm so glad she was there!

I think they ended up leaving for home around 2:30, and Jack and I left at 3:00. We got his drunk ass in bed around 4, and he slept like a baby until almost 1pm. Then yesterday, we celebrated with his parents and watched the Super Bowl. It was a nice night.

Oh, and in all the big birthday hubub I forgot to take updated pictures and measurements, so I see an update post in your future.

I think this week is going to be pretty quiet, thank goodness. Work, eat right, work out. That's the plan, kids.

Have a good week!


Lyndsey said...

Good for you! I think that the hardest thing about losing weight is sticking with it and getting back to it when you fall off the veggie wagon. That has been my problem for the past two years. I feel like I just have so FAR to go and I get upset that its taking so long and then I let myself be bad one day then its like well I already F'd it up so who cares!

I am trying really hard to see the big picture and know that any move in the right direction is good and I will TAKE it.

Lyndsey said...

Hey! You quiting on us? Time to face the music and weigh in dear ;)