Friday, February 27, 2009

Guess what I am? Here's your hint. Child hood game, someone's "it", runs around and tries to get other people?

Yep, I've been tagged. Katy at Follow Me To I Do tagged me by default...apparently it's dangerous to be a "Follower". LOL

Anyway, here are the rules...Open the folder with all of your photos. Open your 6th photo folder. Take your 6th photo in that folder and blog it. Write something about it. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.

This picture is from May of last year, when I was still planning my wedding. The BFF, The MIL and I all went to the Bridal Expo at our city's convention center. This was the fashion show, complete with male "strippers". Hey, I'm not saying "no" to a little free eye candy every now and then!

I think this 'tag' stinks because I have so many more interesting photos than this one! I was totally tempted to cheat and pick out a better one, but you've gotta learn to play by the rules at some point in your life, right? :-)

Well, I'm tagging:

Irene at My Red Kitchen

The BFF at Samantha's Saga

MFN at Monkeyface and Baldy

Amber at The Border of Reality

Jen at Happily Ever After

Lyndsey at I Could Do A Lot In Fifteen Minutes

And my work here is done.

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