Friday, March 20, 2009

"And often times we're lazy, it seems to stand in my way..."

"...cause no one, no not no one, likes to be let down."
("Flake" by Jack Johnson).

I'm a bum. A lazy, lazy bum.

The Hubs has been working like a crazy man this week, trying to get a lot of things done before he starts school. He tore everything out of a huge closet in our entry, and has spent the whole week chipping away at it after dinner. Me? I've been doing my part by thoroughly enjoying the new cable he installed in the bedroom. Yep. I'm a bum. And quite possibly, a horrible wife.

While I completely admit that I'm lazy, and have absolutely no desire to do anything around the house after I get home from work, I do have one little teeny tiny explanation excuse: I look at cleaning completely differently than The Hubs does. If I am going to tackle a big project, like that crazy closet, I would rather do it somewhat early on a weekend day. I want to have it done. It drives me nuts to start a big project, and then have it sit there all week. My philosophy is 'don't start it unless you have the time to finish it'. That's not how The Hubs looks at it, and to be honest, he does end up getting more accomplished by his method. I just can't do it that way.

To add to the "Mrs. B.'s a big, fat, lazy loser" mentality, we're going to his parents' house this weekend. Where they all run around like Stepford people and accomplish all sorts of things, and I'm just kind of left spinning in their wake. When The Hubs still lived at home, I would come up for the weekend to visit. I used to really try to jump in, and help with whatever was going on.

See? I'm helping put the numbers on the race car.

Here, I'm modeling the stickers I stuck. (Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever told you that when I first met The Hubs, he was a race car driver...well, now you know!)

But anyway, back to the laziness thing. Now, I don't really try anymore. It's probably a combination of The MIL and my interpretation of The MIL, but when I do help around the house, or attempt to do something, she has the uncanny ability to make me feel completely inept.

Before The Hubs and I moved in together, I always got the distinct feeling that she didn't think he was going to survive living with me. Like I was going to starve him because of my inability to cook. The thing was, I can cook. I am just really uncomfortable doing it in her kitchen, with her stuff, with her watching my every move. So I just kind of shut down, and try really hard to be friendly, but blend in with the background, and let her do her own thing, thus making me look even lazier than I already am! It's a vicious cycle. Luckily, the guys (Jack and his dad) are usually out in the "shop", which is a big, huge garage where they do manly things that don't require the help of any measley, lazy women. So I'm safe there. :-)

On to other things:

I give up on Cardio Dance. We were up to 4 whole participants (including myself), and then one dropped out, one severely hinted that she'd rather be out enjoying the beautiful day, and one (MFN) was really sore from attempting the Basic Training class the night before. Although, to her credit, MFN was totally ready to shake her booty in my class. In the end, I just decided to cancel, and give up on the concept. There's really no point in trying to force people to do something they don't want to.

One exciting bit of news: we're having a Zumba instructor come do a free demo class on the 30th. I'm really stoked for it because I've been wanting to try Zumba for a couple of years now, but haven't had the chance. Now I get to try it out for free! The BFF, Tonja, MFN, and our friend Jason (JMcQ) are going to join in, as well. I'll let you know how it goes!

Another exciting bit of news: I'm sure you've seen the little blog sticker, but I've signed up with 130 other people to do Ash Is Fit's 20/20 Challenge. She's accomplished a pretty amazing feat - she lost 80 pounds - and has found herself struggling to lose the last 20 of her goal. She had this great idea to make it a challenge, and ended up having over 130 people join in. The goal is to lose (at least) 20 pounds in 20 weeks. We're having weekly weigh-ins, and she's even crazy enough to organize a buddy system for all of us, so that we can motivate ourselves and others. It starts today, so I'll keep you in the loop on that as well.

In other random news:

-Thank you, President Obama, for the extra $20 in my paycheck last week. The Hubs found some extra money in his as well. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're living paycheck to paycheck like we are, every little bit helps. I hope we'll be able to get even more good things going for the country here in the next few months. (Taking away all those exorbitant bonuses from AIG would be a great start, guys!)

-Today was a jean day at work. They are very rare, and very beloved.

-Today I learned (unfortunately) what a 'goatse' was. If you don't know, do yourself a favor, and resist the curious urge to find out. If you can't resist, then don't say you haven't been warned.

-I want to find information on becoming a freelance copy editor or proofreader. I think I would really enjoy that job.

Okay, guess that's enough for now. Have a great weekend all. See you on Monday!


Sammy Sue said...

Darn you... you know how nosey and curious I am so of course I just HAD to look it up. And you were right... I wish I didn't know. bleck!

Mrs B. said...

LOL...I tried to warn you, lady! :)