Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where in the world is Breaking Up With Burgers?

(You MUST sing that title to the tune of "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego". If you're thinking, "Who is this Carmen Sandiego she speaks of?", you must die. Do it, Rockapella!)

I'm on assignment in a super-secret far off location which you will never be able to guess in a million bagillion kazillion years. But you can take your best shot...

Here are your clues, and no fair if you're a FB friend and already know where in the world I am.

1. The desert.
2. Art Deco.
3. Roller Coaster. (of loooove, roller coaster, ooh ooh ooh - BAM! Stuck in your head. You're welcome.)

Where in the world am I, bloggie friends?


iateach82 said...

I know! I know!!!! My favorite place in the whole wide world!!! :)

Mrs B. said...

LOL, of course you know. :) And apparently nobody else cares enough to play the game.