Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oy to the vey.

Hey y'all. I'm alive. I'm here.

I'm exhausted.

The traveling portions of my trip can only be classified as a clusterf*ck. My second flight home was delayed twice. I got home late Tuesday and worked all day Wednesday, then for some reason Bubbers decided that last night would be the night he turned into an insomniac. He finally went to bed after 2 am.

I took a personal day today, and I'm going to use the opportunity to get him to his (very past due) 6 month well check visit.

At any rate, this is a post about nothing, except to say that I'm here, I haven't forgotten about you, and I'll be back as soon as my brain can formulate complete sentences without strenuous effort.

Oh! And I would be remiss if I didn't send a birthday shout out to The BFF!!! Happy 29th birthday!!!

Love, my lovelies.


iateach82 said...

It's okay that you have days like happens! I'm glad you're back safe and sound and here's to hoping little guy's super tired tonight so mommy can get some sleep!

Laura Belle said...

yes, I agree, life happens.

Mine's a complete disaster right now too.

But it can only get better....right?


Sammy Sue said...

Thanks for the b-day shout out! Love you! Can't wait to hang out tomorrow!