Monday, January 12, 2009

"...Saturday I said I'm Sorry, Sunday came and trashed it out again..."

(Billy Joel, "You May Be Right")



So that's +0.8 lbs, if you're keeping track.

Last week? Awesome. Friday night? Awesome. (We went out to eat at Lone Star and I did so good! I had about 1300 calories to use, and I got the 6 oz. sirloin, when I would usually get a much larger cut of meat. I had a salad, with ranch on the side, and barely used any of it - which is a feat for the girl who doesn't like salad! And I used very little butter on my potato, and didn't eat the whole thing. I was uber proud. We came home and I burned off some calories helping the hubs lug in and put together this monstrous cabinet that we bought.

Saturday was Girls' Day with the BFF and Tonja, so I knew that would be a challenge. We had O'Charley's, where I (amazingly!) limited myself to only one of those deliciously evil rolls. I did okay there. Then we went and burned off some calories with a little shopping therapy, and saw Bride Wars. The movie was pretty good. Not the most awesome movie in all the land, *cough* The Curious Case of Benjamin Button *cough*, but it was a satisfying chick flick.

Sunday, bloody Sunday. Uugh. I so want to lie and tell you I was good on Sunday. I made Chicken Casserole, which we ate at like 2pm, so of course, we were hungry again right before bedtime. Oh, but that's not the worst part. Nooooooooo...I, this girl who has finally turned over a new leaf, the girl who has sworn that she's going to do it differently this time, the girl whom you've all come to know and love...made a cake. it's out there. Somewhere on Sunday this craving began creeping up inside me and I caved. Part of the problem (I know, excuses, excuses...) is that we have all this awesome stuff from the wedding that we haven't used much - a new Kitchen Aid mixer, new cake pans, a new cake plate, etc. So, one, I want the cake, and two, it's fun to use all the new stuff. Double Whammy, still a fatty. Bah.

The good news?

"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, and I'm feeling good." (Oh, Michael Buble, you're added to my celebrity boyfriend list, too.) It's Monday, and I'm back at work, where I do really well with this whole diet thingamabob. My treadmill is no longer a shelving unit - how embarrassing is it that when we finally freed it and I got on for the first time yesterday, I didn't remember how it worked. Uugh. lol. And I'm ready to go. Even with my slip-ups this weekend, I'm still under 260, and I'm still in a good mood about this whole thing, dammit! Now we're going to kick it up a notch, stick with the calorie goals, add in some exercise, and get this thing going.

Have a great week guys!


Brandy said...

Hi! Just came over from Disney Bride's blog and will indeed hold you accountable.
I myself am gunning to lose 30lbs this year, I've already lost around 10 since Novemeber first just by cutting out the junk food.
I hear you on the treadmill...I have an elliptical, thing weighs a tonne and when we moved into our house my fiance said "You never use this why don't you sell it?" and I swore that when we moved and I had my own space to work out in I would use it ever day! Since moving I've used it once!!
Keep up the good work and remember that it's little changes to your lifestyle that end up equalling big changes in your life. Yeah that sounds Dr.Phil-ish sorry!

Mrs B. said...

Brandy - Welcome! Thanks for commenting! Good luck on your journey and thanks for the encouragement!