Monday, January 26, 2009

I've got nothing...

I racked my brain and couldn't think of a song that went with this weeks theme of "oh, boy, was I sick, but I'm getting better..." If you can think of one, be my guest!

So that whole golf ball-sized tonsils, fever, achy, simultaneously running, yet completely congested nose, and headache that goes away only to come back 10 minutes after I've taken medicine for it? It was kinda worth it.

This week's weigh in: 251.4

That's 4.4 pounds gone from last week, and 8.6 down from 260 at the beginning of the month! I guess it helps that I couldn't even bear to think about eating anything all week! LOL. I did start eating more than a couple slices of toast by Friday, but I was still only eating about once a day all weekend. I just had no appetite. And I'm not really complaining.

So thanks to this little sickness, I'm now ahead of schedule for January. This doesn't mean I'm going to quit working...I'm back to trying to get some time on the treadmill this week. I don't think calorie counting will be an issue - I'm still having a hard time forcing food down. I'm just glad the pressure is off to hit 252 by 1/31.

Guess what else? I had my first diet victory last night! I fit into a pair of jeans that caused me a major melt-down a few months ago! These are the jeans that caused me to break out in tears because I couldn't even get the two sides to touch, let alone button or zip. I flipped out, and Jack and I went and bought the treadmill that day. Of course, the treadmill didn't help me until now, but better late than never, right? Last night, not only did the two sides touch, but they buttoned, and zipped all the way up, with little discomfort! They are still a wee bit snug, but I'm just super excited to be able to tell a difference with something! Woot! Small victories, people...

Guess that's it for now. Have a great week!

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