Monday, April 22, 2013

Trying Something New

Less at Less of Less turned me on to Friend Makin' Monday, which is put on by Kenlie at All The Weigh. It's a series of questions posted every Monday that a blogger answers and then links back to in the comments on All The Weigh. This week's fill-in-the-blank style tickled my fancy, so here we go:

I like romantic comedies.

I don’t like movies that make me cry. Even in the "good" way. 
I love my husband and son. A shocking, surprising, and unbelievable amount. 
I dream of travelling to every state in the union. 
I wonder if this weight loss thing will ever really click for me. 
I know how to fold my hands into the shape of a frog's face. If I had three hands, I'd take a picture to prove it. 
I went to Austria for 10 days during my sophomore year in high school.
I think about everything way too much. 
I plan to become an elementary school teacher. 
I regret everything related to my first go-round of college. 
I do night-night time with my son every other night. It's my absolute favorite time of the day.
I drink amaretto sours or moscato when I'm in the mood to imbibe. 
I wish on falling stars, repeating numbers on the clock, necklace clasps that have turned to the pendant, wishbones, loose eyelashes, and birthday candles. Two wishes if the clasp on my wishbone necklace turns to the front. 
I am a music lover. 
I am not an adventurous eater. 
I need to stop being lazy. 
I hope the earth doesn't implode (either by natural or man-made causes) before my kid has a long, full life. 
I want a decent job for my husband in his chosen field. 
I sometimes sit in the bathtub with the hottest water I can stand pouring down on me from the shower and just cry. 
I always find the positive. Eventually. 
I can crochet. 
I cannot dive head first into water. 
I avoid people I owe work assignments to. 
I will finish my freaking degree, for once and for all. 
Wasn't that fun? If you want, you can participate in Friend Makin' Monday by answering all the questions on your own blog and then returning to All The Weigh to leave your blog link in the comments for others to check out. 


jennxaz said...

what a great way to get to know you!

Cheri said...

I want to see the frog!! :-D I'd love to go to Austria. :-) And I think you would make a wonderful elementary school teacher!

Frances said...

Me too, me too, I wanna see the frog!! Grow a third hand or I suppose you can borrow one from someone else? ;)