Thursday, April 18, 2013

TTT - Pet Peeve Edition

So thanks to the lovely (and pregnant with a sassy baby girl) Laura Belle, we've got Ten Things Thursday - wherein I get to cheat and still feel like a productive blogger. Love it!

I've been stressed lately, which usually makes annoying things stand out as even more annoying than they would be on a regular basis. So it's not very hard for me to come up with a Ten Things Thursday full of things that annoy me. Here goes, in no particular order:

{1} People who "pimp" out their babies on Facebook for "I'm the cutest baby in the whole, wide world" contest votes. I don't care how much I like you, or how cute your baby is - I'm not going to go vote so that he/she can "beat out" other one-year-olds for the title. Quit asking me to!

{2} People who drive on the shoulder when traffic is stopped on the highway. Unless someone in your car is having a baby or a heart attack, get your ass back in line and wait like the rest of us! 

{3} People over the age of eight who shuffle their feet when they walk. For some reason, that irks the crap out of me. Pick up your feet, it's not that hard!

{4} People who say/post things (on FB usually) to fish for attention. There's one girl on my friends list who does this constantly with status updates like, "Heading to Children's with DS", or "OMG, I am so stressed out and I just don't think I can take any more of this!", which comes off to me like you just want somebody to ask what's wrong with you and give you sympathy/attention. 

{5} My husband, who, after putting The Kid to bed last night promptly fell asleep in his clothes with the lights on in our bedroom. I came in and laid down while checking blogs and FB on my phone. After about half an hour, I woke him up to tell him that he needed to set his alarm because I was going to bed. He says, "You're going to bed?! I thought we were going to talk about X,Y, and Z?!" Um, yeah. We were going to talk about those things before you spent the past hour passed out. Now it's WAY past my bedtime! Gah. Men. 

{6} The fact that a fricking salad costs me eight dollars at Panera. Or anywhere else for that matter. Who in the world decided that it was fair to charge $8 - $12 for a few ounces of chicken and a bunch of lettuce? How many bags of lettuce could I buy at the store for that money?! Ugh. Also, {6A} that I can't buy Panera's Honey Tangerine dressing in the store and there doesn't seem to be anything similar on the market. I need it in my life and don't want to pay $8.08 every time I feel the craving. 

{7} Being on the weight loss teeter-totter. I really can't handle all this bouncing around. I just want to be able to post some sort of loss consistently. I am beyond frustrated by this. 

{8} That people/society seem to be in a pretty big hurry for MY son to grow up. He should have been off the bottle the second he turned one (he is off the bottle, but it was more like 15 months when we kicked the habit completely - gasp!). He should be off the pacifier by now (we just did this one a few weeks ago, at 27 months - gasp!). He should be potty trained by now (we're not even close to trying this and I'm not even remotely concerned about it - gasp!). He should be sleeping in a "real" bed by now (my kid likes his crib and I like the safety of it. he's not moving out of it any time soon - gasp!). Stop it! Stop trying to rush my kid into being an adult! This time is already flying like crazy, and I don't feel the need to pressure myself, my family, or my freaking two-year-old into thinking that he's falling behind already. He has been a person for all of two years, for jeebus' sake. Give the kid a break and let him (and me) enjoy being a baby for the short time it lasts. [End Mama Bear rant.]

{9} That my grocery store NEVER has enough lines open. I went grocery shopping last night. Two lanes open - that's all. Srsly? Ugh. 

{10} That money makes the world go 'round and my dreams of being an intrepid world traveller/travel show host/owner of my own far away island where I can run naked on my own damn beach (in slow motion, Baywatch style) and get sand in unspeakable places will never happen. Oops, did I say too much?


Anonymous said...

The world is annoying.

On the dressing-- I would bet that you can buy it from Panera. Probably not a whole bottle, but I bet if you went in and asked to buy some you could get it in an 8oz soup container to go for like $3-5. Then you could make your own salad at home and just use their dressing. I used to work at Macaroni Grill and people came in to buy our sauces all the time. $2 for an 8oz thing of sauce (in 2002 anyways) and people could make their own pasta at home with our awesome sauces.

RockBand Barbie said...

I can relate to every stinkin one of these....I am annoyed by them all :)

jennxaz said...

I relate to them all!!!!!!amen sista!

*AStrongNewMe* said...

The attention-seeking on facebook is pretty rampant and irks me too :) Why don't they just post "I need attention. Give me some" ?

Cheri said...

LOL!! Love, love, love. :-)

Linda Sherwood said...

I so hear you on the potty-training thing. My son was 4 before he was potty-trained, and I was hearing it from almost everywhere and feeling bad about it. Then, my very wise father told me that he would be worried when my son was graduating high school and still not potty-trained.

My dad made me laugh and relax about potty training because it reminded me that it would happen. By the way, my son was potty-trained before he even started kindergarten. And I felt better when I started using the graduation line on anyone that dared mention it to me.

Connie O said...

Always fun to hear about other people's pet peeves. Look how you could totally get rid of two of them just by staying off Facebook! ;)

I know, I can't stay off it either. I have a friend who posts those annoying cryptic comments ("Worst day ever"), and I've had to work hard to ignore them.

I don't have kids, but I've never understood why some people feel compelled to tell other parents how they should be doing things. Do it your way!