Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

Last Week: 244.0 lb
This Week: 245.2 lb
Gain: 1.2 lb

Two things:

1) I can NOT wait for my fill on Saturday.

2) I have GOT to figure out a way to stop snacking all. freaking. day. long.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could just plan your snacking in? Eating all day is supposed to be better for you anyways as long as you're still in your normal calorie range.

One thing I do when I'm trying to kick-start healthier eating (which hmmm i should get around to here soon lol) is banish eating out/fast food. That is the HARDEST thing for me bc omg i love it. But, when I'm being "good" I vow to cut out all food not prepared at home except for 1 meal per week (usually dinner out w/ B). It kinda sucks but its the easiest way to banish calories. :/

Cheri said...

a) yay for fill!
b) are you drinking enough, would that help?
c) love you!!!!

Chris P said...

Are you getting your water in? Keep your chin up.

Cheri said...

Still waiting for that report on yesterday's fill! xo Hope no news doesn't mean bad news. :-(