Thursday, June 25, 2009

"100 ways is what it takes to feed her craving..."

("100 Ways" by JC Chasez).

Well, looky here. This little blog made it to 100 posts. Now, I'm not going to go getting all sentimental on you, don't worry. (I probably couldn't take it right now, anyway!) What I am going to do, is this:

In honor of my 100th blog post, here are 100 reasons why I'm doing this. They range from medical reasons, to incredibly selfish reasons, to totally superficial ones. Dont' judge. And you know what? It really wasn't hard at all to come up with 100. I'm sure I could have kept going. And by now, you all should know my OCD tendencies, so it shouldn't surprise you in the least that I organized them into categories. You're welcome. :)

100 Reasons Why Mrs. B. Is Kicking Her Own Ass:


1. To control my diabetes
2. To not have a "high-risk" pregnancy
3. To live a long life
4. To be healthy
5. To not be considered "Morbidly Obese", "Obese", or "Overweight" anymore
6. To not die of Diabetes like my father is
7. To not sweat as much
8. To quit being depressed
9. To fix my back problems
10. To be more flexible
11. To have more energy
12. To have more stamina
13. To be stronger
14. To not die


15. To get pregnant
16. To be a beautiful pregant woman
17. To be a good example for my children
18. To have active children
19. To give them the mom they deserve
20. To keep up with my kids

Marriage/The Hubs:

21. To keep my marriage active
22. To be a good example for my husband
23. To feel as sexy as The Hubs says I am
24. To sit on The Hubs' lap
25. To be picked up and spun by The Hubs
26. To have better sex
27. To fully enjoy my marriage
28. To make my husband proud to have me for a wife


29. To look more professional
30. To buy cuter and less expensive clothes
31. To have cuter and less expensive bathing suit choices
32. To be less self-conscious in a bathing suit
33. To more comfortably wear high heels
34. To fit into the pants I've been too fat for for 8 years
35. To enjoy shopping for clothes
36. To have cuter work out clothes
37. To have cuter work clothes
38. To wear shorts again
39. To wear skirts again
40. To wear sleeveless tops
41. To not have to wear shapewear anymore
42. To be able to throw something on and love it
43. To buy cuter/cheaper lingerie
44. To have more choices

Body Image:

45. To get rid of the tires around my waist
46. To see my belly button again
47. To have smaller thighs
48. To feel pretty
49. To look on the outside like I feel on the inside
50. To see a "1" as the first number of my weight for the first time since high school


51. To be able to paint my toenails easier
52. To be able to take and enjoy baths
53. To ride The Beast and other roller coasters again
54. To sit "indian style" in car seats on long trips
55. To fit more comfortably in airplane seats
56. To more easily bend over in the car to get things off the floor
57. To have more room in bed
58. To fit better in office chairs
59. To un-self-consciously ride a motorcycle with The Hubs
60. To not be hindered or held back by my size anymore
61. To have more opportunities
62. To try new things
63. To actively live my life instead of letting it pass by
64. To be more comfortable
65. To do things that being overweight has kept me from - i.e. repelling, horseback riding, etc.
66. To participate more during office annual meeting adventures
67. To be better at Yoga
68. To run a mile without stopping
69. To run a 5k without stopping
70. To be more active

The Superficial:

71. To have people notice
72. To get positive attention
73. To not be the "fat friend"
74. To go places and feel cute instead of wishing I was as cute as the other girls
75. To see what it's like to be skinny
76. To make certain people jealous
77. To take better pictures
78. To impress people at my 10-year high school reunion
79. To inspire other people
80. To fit in
81. To not have my eating habits constantly critiqued by strangers
82. To not have to feel guilty for eating
83. To be more confident
84. To not have to be the "funny one"
85. To not feel judged
86. To be able to just be myself

The Existential:

87. To finish something I start
88. To make my family proud
89. To have something to be proud of
90. To find out who I am
91. To conquer something
92. To not wonder "what if"
93. To prove I can
94. To finally make a change
95. To not waste more time
96. To get it over with
97. To stop the cycle
98. To live life easier
99. To enjoy life more
100. To live a better life

And there you have motivation, in a list.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME idea. Seriously. I might just steal this one as well.

:-) I never thought of sitting 'indian style' on car trips. But now...tis a goal.

Dude, we're gonna be so hawt by this time next year!

Mrs B. said...

Steal away, my dear!

Yeah, with the "indian style" thing, we take trips to Tennessee and Florida with his parents sometimes, and I always get to sit in the front passenger seat. SOmetimes I would be so much more comfortable if I could just curl up and pull my legs under me, but I'm too fat to! lol Hopefully by the next trip (who knows when that will be with this economy) I'll be able to cross that one off the list!


sarah said...

Happy 100!

Those are all great reasons.

Alea said...

Love your list! And while I was reading I was going "check...check...check" in my head: I can totally relate and agree to most of these reasons. Good luck!

Misha said...

I love this post SO much! There are quite a few I can definitely relate to.

TriciaNae said...

I love this post too. I can relate to a LOT of your reasons!! I should do one of these myself.