Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts on yesterday.

Crazy day at work - my first MRI training session was a disaster (I'm training company-wide on a new software roll-out. Fun times). On the good side, it took up my whole afternoon so I didn't have time to get bored & hungry. Not sure if it's starting the Metformin again, but haven't really felt hungry today. No problem with eating today, but am a little sore from yesterday's workout. (That means it's working, I guess!)

Didn't work out at all today since I was dress shopping with The BFF and got home late. At least I had a good day calorie-wise (1100) and was still up and running around helping The BFF pick out dresses and get in and out of them - a workout in itself!

Surprised at how little calories were in my Noodles & Co. dinner - a small spaghetti and a ciabatta roll with 1 teeny tiny pat of butter = 550 calories! Good stuff! And a victory for me with making the right decisions when I'm unprepared. I'd never been there before, and didn't have a chance to check out the nutrition information before we went.

Trying not to feel guilty about no cardio today, but I'll get back to it tomorrow - it will be easier since I have no after work plans.


Here in the mid-west, we're gearing up for a HUGE (read: 3-6 inches, lol) snow storm that is supposed to ruin our day tomorrow. It's all people at work can talk about, of course. It seems like snow storms absolutely RUIN our tri-state commutes about once a year - and on that one day, it takes 45 minutes to go two miles down the street (last year, no joke!), or four hours to make the 25 minute commute home. Those days are always fun and always make me lose my faith in the intelligence of the human species.

This year, I'm preparing. I'm packing my bags and some snacks, and if it's horrible out by the time I leave work, I'm going 2 miles down the street to the nearest hotel. Screw that four hour drive with stupids stuff. We'll see how it all goes, I guess.