Sunday, January 3, 2010


Sure was an interesting year for me...

I started a blog and maintained it much more and longer than I thought I would.
I started and stopped (and started and stopped, and started and stopped) eating right and working out.
I lost (and kept off) 10 pounds for the first time ever.
I participated in FIVE 5k races.
I learned how to deal with a husband who is a full-time college student and a full-time third-shift employee.
I made a ton of new internet friends. (Hi y'all!)
I had a minor breakdown when I learned what it really meant to have Diabetes and want to get pregnant.

The BFF spent the year dealing with the big, honkin' tumor in her uterus. She also got engaged on Christmas Eve!
Tonja got married and is expecting her first baby (a girl, to be named Brianne Marie) in April.
MFN has somehow survived almost an entire year with a deployed husband. (Who will be home for two weeks at the end of this month! Yay!)
The Hubs and I came thisclose to buying a house. And then we didn't. We did buy a Wii, though. :)
I didn't do everything I set out to do when I wrote my first post. But I did lose weight, and I did do five 5ks, and most importantly, I learned A LOT. 2010 is just going to have to be the year I put all that learnin' to use. I have more tools at my disposal than I ever have, and I will never have a better reason than getting pregnant to motivate myself.

This is the year that it all happens. It has to be.


iateach82 said...

I'm with you, girl! Let's make a new invested interest and commitment to our health and future babies!!!!!

Katy said...

So we have the make babies thing in common! I go to the Dr. on Fri. to see how many lbs I need to dropp to get prego. She is also going to run all those lovely tests, the one I fear the most is the Diabetes test...I'm kinda sure it's gona turn out pos.

But let's just stick together and modivate eachother over the blogg world!


Lyndsey said...

Happy New Year!!

Congrats on losing 10 pounds this year! As you know... I lost 20, then gained 20 (sigh). Let's get back on it... I ran today for the first time in MONTHS. :)

Anonymous said...

I think we are all with you, kiddo!

I'm happy to know that I lost pounds in 2009...but I want to lose even more in 2010. Otherwise, it will take something like SEVEN YEARS to reach my goal weight. :-)

Thanks for the iHug today. I needed it.