Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting into the swing of things.

I love lists and forms. I'm one of those crazy people who actually likes paperwork. Crazy, I know. But anyway, I created a daily sheet to fill out. I'll upload a picture of it later, when I actually have one, but suffice it to say, it's amazing. It rocks. It's a Diabetic, OCD dieter's dream. (She said, ever so humbly...)

At the bottom, there is a place for notes from the day - how I was feeling, what I did, what's going on in my life, etc. You know, what people did before blogs - using pen and paper to write things down on...archaic, I know, but it's quick and simple.

At any rate, those notes will probably make up the majority of my blog posts while I'm working hard on losing this weight so I can get pregnant and miserable.

So here you go - yesterday's notes:

Day 1. Good so far. Felt hungry during the day, but had snacks handy to combat. Surprised at how little food I had with it still adding up to around 1500 calories. Still good, though. Tried 5-6 new poses on Wii Fit Yoga (love it!). Harder than it looks & harder than the "live" class I took. Can't do the "one knee lift" pose at all, or "tree" pose very well. My foot keeps slipping down my pants - lol. Surprisingly, completed the "chair" pose, but my legs shook the whole time. It's tough! Did three, 3-minute Wii runs and did 1.5 miles total on the treadmill. Ran the whole last half mile non-stop @ 3.5mph. I'm pretty stoked about that! MRI Training this week at work has me stressed, plus The Hubs going back to school. Feeling slightly overwhelmed but trying to stay positive. Wedding dress shopping with The BFF tomorrow should be a fun stress-reliever. Not sure how I will fit in the workout or what I'll be doing for dinner, though. :/ Bummed that I'll miss the first episode of TBL, but excited for The BFF to finally get to try on dresses rather than be a bridesmaid watching the bride.


The Mrs. said...

I thought I was the only one! Th hubs calls me the "trackmaster" I love to track progress! :) hehe Have fun dress shopping!

Katy said...

When I do yoga on the Wii I wear my old ballett shoes because they have the leather bottom and it helps them to grip my pants. Try slipper socks or something that has grip on the bottom.
Hope that helps and have fun dress shopping!