Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alive and Kicking (Kind of)

I think it's Thursday...I just can't keep things straight anymore. But even if it is, there's no way I could come up with ten things for a TTT. So you just get my randompantsness for now. Lucky you.

Okay, seriously. I need to figure out how to get my blogger reading list to show up on my phone now that Google Reader died. Any ideas? Because my ability to follow your blogs depends on it!

Busy and sick. That's how I've been. I had full-body chills all day yesterday. Came home to find out I had a fever of 101.6. Took a super long, super hot shower and slept for 13 hours, only to wake up in the middle of the night to change my clothes and bed sheets because EVERYTHING was drenched in sweat. I lost 4.2 pounds yesterday alone.

Today I'm feeling a bit better. No more chills and no more fever, but still sore and achy all over and just. plain. EXHAUSTED. Luckily, I was able to work from home today, so I've been resting a lot.

Speaking of work - I got the job! (Can't remember if I already told you that.) I started on the 22nd and it has been gung ho ever since. They are just THROWING information and projects at us - they hired two of us for the position - and we've just had to pick things up on the fly. It has been hectic. My boss is based in Atlanta, so even though I interviewed with him over the phone and have exchanged emails with him, I didn't actually get to meet him until he was in town this week.

My co-worker is nice. Young. Skinny. And a complainer about being skinny. Makes me want to barf, but I don't think that will affect her ability to do the job, lol.

And in other news, if I can get over being sick, The BFF and I are having a girls' weekend in Columbus! My 2nd NKOTB, 98 Degrees and Boys II Men concert (her first) and a day at the Ohio State Fair! Can't wait!

Guess that's all for now. Miss you all bunches!

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Cheri said...

So happy for you that you got the job!!!