Friday, November 16, 2012

Wanna See Something?

I couldn't really think of anything interesting (or band related) to post about today, so I thought it might be cool to show you my messy desk!

Some points of interest on my little desk tour:

  • The married stress ball computers that sit on my monitor - one is for the learning management system that I created for our company, which is named after a male founder, and the other is for the learning management system of a company that we share best practices with, which just happens to be named after a female. They sit on my desk all lovey dovey like. 
  • The Dasani bottle with what looks like urine in it. It's actually Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea, and it is uber delish. 
  • My son on my computer screen looking super duper cute. 
  • The Michael Buble Christmas CD, which I've been listening to non-stop. 
  • A whole bunch of boring, work-related junk that you don't care about. 
Do you have anything fun or interesting on your desk? Do you even have a desk? I showed you mine, so you show me yours! 


RockBand Barbie said...

I do have a desk, but it isn't nearly as neat as yours :) Mine is filled with student work ffrom this week that has not yet been graded...and I didn;t want to bring it home to do it over the weekend :)

speck said...

Well since you think that is a mess, I won't ever invite you to my house! lol JK


jennxaz said...

desk looks great full of nice things..I hate anonymous posters!

Anna said...

Normally my spam filter catches them, but I particularly love the Spelling Nazi Spammers...whatevs! About to be deleted!