Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

Traditions. One of my favorite holiday traditions is an annual family Thanksgiving dinner with my Dad and Step Bonus Mom. Usually my Bonus Grandparents or a couple other family friends will join us too. Nice and small, and always on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (that's tonight, folks!) at a very old and somewhat famous Ohio restaurant/hotel, The Golden Lamb. I love it because I get to see some of the people I love, while not having to frantically squeeze them in on Thanksgiving Day. And bonus, there's absolutely NO cooking or clean up!

Family. My Aunt Sandy (and her husband) just moved back to Ohio from Mississippi this past weekend, just in time for me to get to see her at my Mom's Thanksgiving tomorrow. Did you ever have a family member that was so fun, loving, and sweet that your face lit up every time you thought about them? That's my Aunt Sandy to me. She left Ohio for Mississippi a few years ago, and for me, it just felt like something was missing from every family get-together. I am grateful that she is back, and grateful that she will be living near my Mama so that they can spend lots of time together.

The Bad:

Time Limitations. While I'm super excited for dinner tonight and Thanksgiving tomorrow, I'm not thrilled that I have committed to make a pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream for tomorrow's dessert. I haven't even picked a recipe or bought the supplies. Think of me if you're awake at 2 am, because I'll be up to my elbows in pumpkin at about that time. (Um, Anna, I think you're doing it wrong...)

Overestimating My Abilities. Christmas dish cloths will be the death of me. I counted up the list, and while it's not as bad as I thought (Only 15 sets! Only 30 dish cloths! Only!), I am less than half way finished crocheting and have less than a month to go. I will need 4 sets for December 8th, 2 sets for December 23rd, and 9 sets for Christmas day. Not to mention the packaging and wrapping, etc. However, I am excited to give a handmade gift and hope people will like them, even if they kill me.

The Ugly:

257.2. That's a gain of 2.8 pounds, which is exactly what my loss was last week. I am officially back to my surgery day weight, and officially in Bandster Hell.

I pinned this picture on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and it has been my Bandster Hell mantra for the past couple of days. For too many years, my brain has been a big ol' playground bully to my body, and it needs to stop. Just because I can justify just about anything, just because I can make an excuse appear out of thin air, just because my emotions haven't been managed in healthy ways in the past, just because my bully of a brain wants to focus on past failures and make them seem to be future inevitablities - doesn't mean it has to continue that way.

I am making an effort to no longer be my own bully, and that (maybe plus a fill or two, or three...) will make me successful.

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovelies!


jennxaz said...

Good luck on the pumpkin pie and homemade whip cream..yum yum and yes I have a relative or two that make me smile and light up when I see them...wish I saw them more! Hope you have a fabulous day! Don't stress the weight once you get your fills in, it will work its way off, just keep making good choices!

Connie O said...

Homemade whipped cream: Buy Reddi-Wip. Spray it into a bowl. Insert spoon.

Just kidding. Unless it's at your house and no one else will see you spraying it into the bowl.

Don't worry about regaining a couple of lbs. You will adjust.

RockBand Barbie said...

Don't stress the small are still healing and you haven't had a fill.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

adorkbl said...

Don't stress too much... You are healing. When you start getting some fills you will notice the difference.