Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy bee...

Life and work are both crazy busy this week. What with trying (in vain, might I add) to get used to this whole pregnancy thing and what havoc it's reeking on my body, to trying to get used to sticking a needle in my stomach 3 times a day, to trying to keep my husband from finding the nearest ledge to jump off of, to trying to stick to 60 carbs at dinner time. (Side tangent, do you know what 60 carbs will get you at The Olive Garden? Two breadsticks. Seriously. How ridonkulous is that?!)

At any rate, yeah, it's busy.

(The Hubs is fine, just overwhelmed with school, work, and now a pregnant wife to add into the mix. Poor Hubs...)

Work-wise, I'm scrambling to put together a training presentation for a group of co-workers that I'll be training next week. They are going down to Gatlinburg, TN for their annual retreat and I get to tag along for a couple of days and teach them some stuff that they will have forgotten by the time the drinks and dinner start flowing. One of the major plusses, however, is that it just so happens to be MFN's department's retreat, so I'll get to spend some time hanging with her and a lot of the other awesome people in the group.

Semi-sadly, the retreat has a slight reputation for being a fun-filled booze fest, and Preggy McPregerton here can't partake in any of that, now can she? But that also means less chance of me embarrasing myself infront of 40 co-workers, and more chances of having ammo to hold over other peoples' heads.

Would I do that? Of  course I would. And they would all do the same to me.

The point here is that:

1) life is busy
2) The Hubs is overwhelmed
3) I get to go to Gatlinburg.
4) I can't drink booze.

Love, my lovelies. :)

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