Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fuck off, diabetes.

I now feel "officially" like a high-risk pregnancy. They've decided to put me on insulin, in addition to the Metformin I already take.

3 insulin shots a day, 2 different types of insulin, 1 very freaked out momma-to-be.

It's gonna be a very long 34 more weeks.


I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

My Dear Mrs. B.,

You have my condolences on this. I've never had a pregnancy nor do I currently have unchecked diabetes...but I have been told if I don't lose the weight and get healthy, that's the life I have to look forward to.

I'm so happy about your Baby B, though!


I'm Just Another Fat Girl said...

I don't know where "unchecked" came from. Please pretend it's not part of my comment...

-jafg (again)