Monday, November 11, 2013


Hodge Podge Post Alert:

Not sure if anyone's reading anymore, but I'm-a gonna write anyway. I know it's been a bit since I wrote anything of substance - and I'm not claiming anything herein will be substantive - but I have things I feel like saying, so I will say them.

  • My lack of accomplishment by the time of my Bandiversary is weighing heavily on me. My first instinct is to blame the band, but I know deep down that's not where the blame should lie. (At least not much of it.) 
  • My new work-from-home arrangement is nice, but a full-on enabler of laziness, overeating, snacking, and general sloth-ness. I'm sure it's not what's best for me, but I don't want to give it up. (Hmmm...sound familiar?)
  • The Hubs and I are in discussions about baby #2. If that's going to happen, I HAVE to get myself in better health. 
  • My job is good - I enjoy my co-worker and my boss(es). One Project Manager that I work closely with makes me want to slide down a banister of razor blades into a baby pool of alcohol. 
  • I'm possibly switching programs at WGU - from Elementary Education to a BS in Business - Human Resources. The process to switch has started, but it's not very far along and apparently involves serious hoop-jumping. Blah. 
  • My kiddo turns 3 in December. I just can't imagine it. 
  • I miss you all - if there's anyone out there reading. Hugs to you, and I hope you're all enjoying your journeys. 


iateach82 said...

I'm still reading!!!! Hugs to you, my friend. People aren't kidding when they say this is a lifelong battle. Working through it myself. Anytime you want to chat/complain/throw ideas to each other, let me know!

Connie O said...

I'm sorry you are having a rough time with your bandiversary. Just remember that many people (like me, for instance) aren't able to change their new habits without a lot of struggle and a few setbacks. It's not too late to start over!

Working at home is hard when it comes to developing good eating and exercise habits, but it can be done if you create a structure for yourself and then stick to it. You can do it!

Baby no. 2--how exciting! I hope you can work that out along with everything else.