Monday, January 7, 2013

2nd Fill

Hey all - I haven't been posting much because everything is just kind of floating along. Noting big, nothing monumental. Just life.

I had my second fill on Saturday morning, and I'm SO GLAD I went. My practice makes you fill out a form every time you come in for an adjustment, where you have to tell them whether you think you are too tight or too loose, and give them specific examples of meals you're eating and such. Kim read my form and said, " need a fill, huh?!" Love her.

So I told her how I felt a smidge of something for about two days after my first fill, and she said that that gave her some good information. She said, "I'm thinking about giving you 3, what do you think about that?" And I was super excited because I was hoping for 3, but didn't think she would let me have that much.

So now I've got a total of 8.4 cc in my 14 cc band, and I'm totally feeling it. For now, at least. We'll see if it goes away like the last one did, but this definitely feels different. I'm having to take my time with eating and drinking, and I'm feeling full pretty quickly. I really can't tell right now if I'm too tight, too loose, or just right, but I think within a week, I will be able to feel it out.

All I can say right now is that I'm glad I'm actually feeling SOMETHING in there. Tim Gunn is finally making it work!

Have a great week, all!


jennxaz said...

yay!!! for fills!

Mon said...

Nice! I hope this winds up being the right amount for you. I'm still cracking up that you named your band Tim Gunn :)

MandaPanda said...

Wahoo! Hope this fill gets you to a good spot!

Connie O said...

Oooh, 3 whole cc ... that's adventurous of you! You are ahead of me now because I don't get my 2nd fill until 1/22 (postponed by knee surgery).

My practice has a form like that too. I guess I'd better get a bit more systematic so I can have a typical meal to list instead of being all over the map on type/quality/amount of food.