Thursday, June 13, 2013


Thanks, Laura Belle for Ten Things Thursday. A lovely way for me to ease my toesies back into the big blogging pool.

1} I hate my job. i HATE my job. i hate MY job. i hate my JOB. (Really, I could make this all 10, but I'll spare you.)

2} I had a lovely girls-get-together with my fabulous friends Heather and Sarah. I know Sarah through knowing Heather, and I know Heather through working closely with her at the job that I hate. Heather is the friend I've mentioned previously who is a sort of consultant for the company I work for. Anyway, we ate at Franco's, which is a family-owned Eye-talian place near downtown Dayton. Dinner was good, but conversation was even better.

3} The job market is RE-DONK-ULOUS right now. I've put in well over 40 resumes in the past two months and nada. Dying here.

4} I leave in 9 days for a sort-of-impromptu weekender to Gatlinburg with the females on my Dad's side of the family. They've been planning the trip for a year - it's the fact that I'm joining them that is impromptu. My Bonus Mom is amazing and offered to share her room in the chalet with me for free, and we're driving down together. I get back in the afternoon on the 26th, just in time for...

5} Unashamedly loving the 80's and 90's and rocking out at the New Kids On The Block/Boys II Men/98 Degrees concert. Can. Not. Wait. SRSLY.

6} While I'm down near the City (City with a capital C = Cincinnati. I'm not really ready to call Dayton a city just yet. Hrumph.) I'm going to try to schedule my first fill since the unfilling happened. Hopefully they'll have some time for me. I'm going to ask for Christina because I just don't think I can handle anymore of Kim's poke-poke-poke-ing. It's a shame, since I like Kim's personality so much better.

7} The worst part about living with my in-laws so far is that The Kiddo absolutely refuses to let anybody but Grandma do ANYTHING for him. I know he's not doing it to hurt me, and I know she can't do anything to stop it, but still - the feelings are hurt. Especially when he gets a boo boo and screams bloody murder if I try to hold him or make him feel better. Dammit.

8} I have eaten out so much since packing/moving/having everything in boxes that I'm seriously craving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There is not a restaurant in the area that sounds even remotely good to me right now.

9} I'm obsessed with a silly little game on my phone called Bakery Story. So not good for my sweet tooth.

10} I'm super excited to be back in the land of the bloggers. I really have missed you all!


RockBand Barbie said...

A good friend of mine owns a cabin in Gatlinburg. We go there just to get away some times. But I still don't understand the obsession with pancakes there...every other restaurant is a pancake place.

Connie O said...

So glad to "see" you back on the blog! I have been sending out resumes too, but not as many as you. Sorry you hate the job, since I'm sure you spend a big chunk of your day there. I only hate mine some days. Most days I get by.

I love the name "Bonus Mom."

Hope you can get your fill, and that it goes better this time!

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

OMG - I missed you! So glad you're back.

Cheri said...

Glad you and Bonus Mom are getting along so well. :-) The vacation sounds great. Also glad you are staying away from Pokey McPokester - she was totally on my mind when I got my first fill. I hope you can find a job that is the right fit.