Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wed-nes-day Weigh In

Last Week: 246.6 lb
This Week: 244.0 lb
Loss: 2.6 lb

Am I the only person who says "wed-nes-day" in her head while she types the word? I hope not. I also use "S.U.C.C.E.S.S. that's the way you spell success" when necessary. Thank you, elementary school.


I knew the weight would go away. Stupid Rally's fries. It was a teeny tiny little bonus that another 0.2 lb went with it, so I'm happy with this week's results. I'm now down this many pounds from my HNPR weight:

I made an appointment for a fill on April 6th. Can't wait to get in there and see Kim. I'm thinking 0.5 cc this time, but we'll see what she recommends. And apparently, my surgeon's office is changing things up now - the lady I made my appointment with (a new girl - Teresa) said that they have a new policy that if it's been "a while" since you've been in the office, you have to get a barium swallow before you can come in. She didn't specify what "a while" actually means, so I'll have to find out when I get in for my appointment. Apparently it means more than 9 weeks, since that's how long it will have been for me.

Originally, I was annoyed that they might make me do the barium swallow, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the only reason I didn't want to have to do it (besides having to pay for the damn thing) is fear that they'll find something wrong. This is me working through my instinct of sticking my head in the sand in the face of a problem. (Go me!) So I said to myself, "Self. If there's a problem (yo I'll solve it), you need to know. That's how things get fixed. Get over it."

In the end, I don't have to get one this time, but there might be a time in the future when I do. And then Self is just gonna have to deal. And maybe listen to some old school Vanilla Ice.

In crappy news, my Diet Bet ends tomorrow and I'm not gonna make it. $20 down the drain. I'm really interested to see how many of the 400+ people did meet their goals, though. Good on them.

In slightly-less-crappy news, I completed enough classes this term to remain eligible for financial aid next term. I'm technically in "warning" status for next term (April 1 - September 30) and have to complete a certain percentage of my classes in order to stay enrolled in school. Blargh. Mess. But I always do much better in the April - September term because things are calmer during that time of year. And I don't want to go through the stress I've been going through for the past 2 months again. So I'm convinced that this next term is going to go much more smoothly.

Oh, and bonus - one of the classes that I actually DID complete this past term was my LAST MATH CLASS EVER. Hallelujah, praise the lawd.

I'm carrying over three courses into next term - Science, History, and Human Development and Learning. And I'll be adding two more classes to that - Diversity and Inclusion and Testing. Human Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Testing are all Foundations of Teaching courses. Science and History are liberal arts requirements. Can't wait to be done with those two because then I'll be past all the gen ed courses and only doing education courses. Woo!


jennxaz said...

Congrats on the loss! and yes..I do the same thing spelling Wednesday!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I ALWAYS do that when I spell Wednesday. It's such a dumb spelling that you have to do it to get it right. lol Holy cow - nice loss!

Connie O said...

I don't know how you do school and work and parenting all at the same time! Holy cow, I had a hard enough time going to school when that was all I did.

Bummer about the Diet Bet. But hurrah for -37!

I feel leery about another fill since my band has had a tendency to be fickle since the last one. I will be curious to see how yours goes.

Cheri said...

Wow, that is a honkin lot of classes! I FEEL YOU on celebrating NO MORE MATH though!! WOO HOO!!

Congrats on the great weigh in! And I will want to hear all about the fill April 6. xo

Mon said...

AGH, I do the same thing, with sticking my head in the sand. If I don't acknowledge the problem, well, there's no problem...right? Anyone? Yeah, it never works. So good for you for taking a more sensible approach to it!!

Chris P said...

Congrats on your awesome loss! Yes I do the same thing with the word Wednesday!

RockBand Barbie said...

I always say Wed-nes-day in my head. The day I had to take no math classes was a very happy day!!! Yay for your loss!!!!

Amy said...

just keep swimming, youre doing great!

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Mon said...

Um, I've had vanilla icestuck in my head for a full day now. My cubical mates would not be very happy with you as I've been annoying them with it nonstop :)