Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy Weekend

December is always a nutso month for us, and lo and behold, it has started.

Just after Logan was born, a friend of mine recommended to us a photographer that she knew. After our first visit for Logan's 3 month pictures, we ended up going back to her for 6, 9, 12/Christmas, 16, and 20-month pictures as well. So Saturday, it was time for 24-month/Christmas/Family Portraits. I'll share when I get them back (copyright is included in the fee we pay), but WOW, was it like herding cats. This was really the first time that Bubs has just really been all over the place and not wanted to sit for ANY pictures. He would sit for one, proclaim that he was "all done!", and run away. I ended up bribing him with blocks for most of the pictures...we'll see how they turn out.

Saturday evening, I attended the Dayton Gay Men's Chorus' Christmas concert at a beautiful church in Downtown Dayton. I won a pair of tickets through a contest, and am so glad I did!
DGMC at Westminster Presbyterian. Check out those organ pipes!
Fuzzy (and covert!) picture of the Men of DGMC.
I took my work colleague (the one who contracts for our company and knows about my band) as my date, and we had a wonderful time. I brought her Christmas gifts (which I don't have pictures of right now, but will post some soon), so she was the first lucky recipient of my crocheted dish cloths. I think they were a hit!

Sunday, Bubs mercifully slept in, so I made us a super yummy scramble for breakfast. It's just simply cooking up a pound of sausage, crumbled, and scrambling it into eggs (I used 7 extra large eggs and it's enough to feed an army), and melting in some shredded cheddar cheese. So good!

Once we had breakfast, we were off to the National Air Force Museum because the Budweiser Clydesdales were visiting. We waited in line for a very long time for the chance to pet one of the beautiful monsters and have our picture taken. Have you ever been near a Clydesdale? They are like the Great Dane's of the horse world. H-U-G-E. And breathtaking. And graceful.
Clydesdales and a Dalmatian. Does it get more Budweiser than that?!
And yes, in that photo, there is one man running THREE horses. 3600 pounds of horse. Amazing. Later, we walked the pens where all the other horses were chilling out, and the saddle section of EVERY horse was taller than my husband!

After we played with the horsies (which Logan loved, by the way), we toured the Air Force museum. I had never been, so that was an interesting (and LONG) trip. In the end, we only made it through two of the three HUGE hangars before my feet and knees were screaming. Luckily, the museum is free, so we can go back some other time to see the third hangar and the fourth one that they will soon be building. All in all, it was a pretty fun trip, even if the weather was dreary.

:  :  :

In other news, my eating has been ok for the past few days. I'm still firmly in Bandster Hell, but my first fill is Friday, so I'm hoping for a little relief then. Also, I'm on my third week back on my Bydureon injection, and I remember from last time that three weeks is about when I started feeling the non-hunger from it. So hopefully that will start kicking in soon, too. 

I had my regular every-three-months appointment with my family doctor on Friday. Her scale was evil and showed 8 pounds up from my scale at home, which is just ridiculous. But, she had the results of my A1c bloodwork (which, if you don't know, an A1c is a measurement for Diabetics. It measures the average sugar level in your blood over the past three months. A non-diabetic "normal" A1c is between 4.5-6.0, and they can go as high as 14, which basically means you're in a coma). My A1c back in March was 8.3, the highest it has ever been. Also, not-so-coincidentally, that was when we recorded my highest weight ever, too. My A1c on Friday was 6.9!!! I was so excited, I made my doctor give me a high five, and she's not a high-fiving kind of person. LOL. I can't wait to get some more of this weight off and see that A1c drop into the normal range. I so want to be off all these meds! 

Have a great week, my lovelies! 

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Connie O said...

It does seem funny that we both saw a DGMC concert over the weekend! Holiday concerts are big for most choruses, but not mine. We skip right over December and focus on an April performance.

Hope the first fill helps! I do think mine has helped a little, just not as much as I was hoping.