Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coming Attractions

It's almost March, which means some good stuff is coming my way...

February 28th: Family birthday party. As if I'd let you forget, my birthday is March 9th. This party is for my cousin who turned 16 on Valentine's Day, The Hubs, who turned 31 on February 1st, and me.

March 7th: Oscar Night Gala. Remember how I posted about my volunteer day with People Working Cooperatively? Every year, they host one of the 50 officially sanctioned Oscar Night parties across the country. My company bought a table at the Gala and MFN and I (plus 8 other work peeps) are getting all dressed up in our fanciest-schmanciest dresses and partake in free booze and gourmet food. Plus we get to watch the Oscars on the big screen and get an official Oscars program.

March 9th: My 28th birthday. Woot.

March 10th: Bridal Show at The BFF's reception location.

March 11th: MFN's birthday. Have I ever mentioned that I'm exactly 2 days older than her?

March 13th: MFN and I are celebrating our birthdays with a little dinner and game night with our peeps. Should be a good time.

I'm excited!

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NHoyt said...

Woot woot! Can't wait for the birthday fun to begin!